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G42 and OpenAI team up to scale AI adoption in Middle East

The partnership will focus on using AI in finance, energy, healthcare, and public services.

G42 and OpenAI team up to scale AI adoption in Middle East
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

ChatGPT creator OpenAI has partnered with G42, the Abu Dhabi-based tech conglomerate, to drive artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in the  Middle Eastern markets and develop the UAE’s technology industry.

G42 said it would utilize OpenAI’s generative AI models in financial services, energy, healthcare, and public services and will build solutions that simplify integrating advanced AI capabilities into existing enterprise landscapes, unlocking the potential of OpenAI’s models. 

“Leveraging G42’s industry expertise, we aim to empower businesses and communities with effective solutions that resonate with the nuances of the region. This collaboration lays the foundation for equitable advancements in generative AI across the globe,” said Sam Altman, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenAI.

To support this expansion across the region, G42 will prioritize its substantial AI infrastructure capacity to support OpenAI’s local and regional inferencing on Microsoft Azure data centers.

The partnership is a significant development for the UAE and regional AI ecosystems. It will bring together the expertise and resources of two leading AI companies to develop and deploy AI solutions that can address real-world challenges and drive economic growth.

“At the core of our mission lies the pursuit of AI as a transformative force for good, fueling innovation and progress. Our partnership with OpenAI transcends technological synergy; it’s a convergence of value and vision. We are excited to join OpenAI on the journey to shape a future where AI benefits all of humanity,” stated Peng Xiao, G42 Group CEO.

Mubadala-backed G42 has been at the forefront of AI adoption in the UAE. The company said in July that it had developed the world’s largest supercomputer for AI training in collaboration with US-based AI firm Cerebras Systems.

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