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G42 Healthcare partners with AWS to offer advanced omics data and biobanking service

G42 Healthcare has partnered with AWS to provide on-demand service for multi-omics data

G42 Healthcare partners with AWS to offer advanced omics data and biobanking service
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G42 Healthcare, a UAE-based health-tech company, has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop global genomics, proteomics, and biobanking service.

This association will make G42 Healthcare’s sequencing, proteomics, and data analytics capabilities available to “governments, population genome programs, and life science initiatives across the world.”

For those unaware, genomics is an advanced study that looks to discover and notes all the sequences in the entire genome of a particular organism. On the other hand, proteomics is a large-scale study of the entire structure of proteins and their functions.

Biobanking, as the name suggests, is a process that enables the collection of human tissues for advanced research and analysis of human health.

G42 Healthcare, which has the region’s largest center for field of study in biological sciences in Abu Dhabi, will provide on-demand service for multi-omics data globally with the help of AWS.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing Bio International Convention in San Diego, where this partnership was announced, G42 Healthcare chief executive officer Ashish Koshy said, “Our goal with AWS is to take the capabilities that have taken years and significant resources to build — global and at speed. Our offering aims to leverage the extensive omics data management and bioinformatics solutions hosted globally on AWS at our customers’ fingertips.”

“Our experience in facilitating the world’s most comprehensive population genomics initiative in Abu Dhabi showcases our deep understanding of how to deliver at scale — from sample management to advanced analytics,” Koshy added further.

On the other hand, AWS feels that its secure cloud computing environment can help governments and researchers benefit from democratized access to next-generation sequencing, proteomics, and data analytics.

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