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GITEX opens in Dubai with AI taking center stage

More than 1,000 AI-infused companies are participating, according to organizers

GITEX opens in Dubai with AI taking center stage
[Source photo: GITEX Global | Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

There’s no turning back. AI Is everywhere. And so, it is no surprise that AI is taking center stage as Dubai hosts the 43rd edition of GITEX Global, one of the world’s largest tech shows.

Omar Sultan Al Olama, UAE minister of state for artificial intelligence, digital economy, and remote work applications, emphasized the event’s significance: “GITEX Global is where the best and brightest minds come together to shape the future of technology. We are showcasing new technologies, including the transformational power of AI, to inspire everyone and shape a better future.”

A recent PwC report forecasted AI’s potential impact in the Middle East to reach $320 billion by 2030. Research conducted by market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated that 25% of all regional AI investment would be spent on developing AI solutions, followed by public services, including education and healthcare, and the manufacturing sector.

As the country intensifies its futuristic digital vision and collaboration towards digital excellence, GITEX Global also showcases the latest advancements in cloud computing, Web 3.0, and a sustainable digital economy. 

About 6,000 exhibitors are showcasing at the five-day conference at the Dubai World Trade Centre and its off-shoot events at Dubai Harbour and the Museum of the Future, and there will be conversations about the further adoption of Generative AI by governments and corporations.

More than 1,000 AI-infused companies are participating, according to organizers, as concerns over governance, regulations, and job security remain.

Global tech giants, including Microsoft, Huawei, and Salesforce, will showcase their AI solutions, highlighting their commitment to democratizing AI and empowering communities worldwide. 

Microsoft, which recently injected $10 billion into OpenAI, aims to enable governments, businesses, developers, students, and start-ups to build AI applications driving sustainable economic growth and societal improvement.

In addition to industry leaders, UAE-based entities such as G42, Advanced Technology Research Council, and Masdar City are actively participating in the AI innovation race. These organizations are shaping the future of AI applications, reflecting the UAE’s dedication to bold digital transformation agendas and economic diversification strategies.

Juniper Networks will announce its locally-hosted cloud in the UAE and showcase the capabilities of its secure, automated, scalable, and AI-driven networking solutions for organizations to create transformed business outcomes and better end-user experiences.

Presight, a big data analytics company powered by generative AI, is bringing its complex problem-solving and ability to leverage data and AI to see things differently. Teaming up with parent company G42 and sister companies such as AIQ, Bayanat, and Core42, Presight will showcase innovative immersive AI installation.

Yahsat, the UAE’s flagship satellite solutions provider, which will showcase innovative satellite-enabled solutions during GITEX 2023, will also sign new agreements with various companies to leverage the power of AI and IoT to make farming smarter, livestock tracking more accurate and enable quicker detection of wildfires and help curb illegal fishing.


GITEX this year has a special focus on startups. Expand North Star in Dubai Harbour features over 1,800 startups from 100 countries looking to connect, fundraise, and share experiences with global peers. 

Hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, Expand North Star is a gathering of next-gen companies and also features three themed sub-events targeting specific sectors: Fintech Surge, the Future Blockchain Summit, and Marketing Mania. Expand North Star runs until Oct 18, culminating with the Supernova Challenge. The pitch competition offers a prize fund of $ 200,000, further enhancing the appeal of this unmissable event.

One of the event’s highlights was the first live stage demonstration of ARTEMIS, the world’s fastest-walking humanoid robot that even plays football, developed by UCLA researchers. Standing at 142 cm and weighing about 38 kilograms, ARTEMIS (Advanced Robotic Technology for Enhanced Mobility and Improved Stability) can walk on rough and unstable surfaces and is designed with a particular focus on bipedal locomotion.

The robot has actuators – devices that generate motion from energy – that behave like biological muscles. They’re springy and force-controlled, as opposed to most robots’ rigid, position-controlled actuators.

On Sunday, a key session at Expand North Star was a panel discussion on using AI and machine learning to create products that dent the universe. The panel featured product managers from global unicorns such as Bolt, Reddit, and Booking.com, who shared their best practices and tips for founders, including Ali Rana, VP of Product at Bolt, Mayank Yadav, Director of Product at Reddit, and Sanchit Juneja, Director of Big Data and ML at Booking.com. 

The panelists cautioned against falling for the AI hype. Adopting technology for its own sake with no added value is a sure way to fail as an entrepreneur. Technology, the audience heard, must solve an existing problem. The speakers warned that business owners must keep abreast of technological evolution as many paradigms have changed, affecting careers people thought were indestructible.

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