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Green Goals Summit to focus on accelerating solutions to mitigate climate change

The summit tomorrow is bringing together business and government leaders, and policymakers to debate and discuss climate solutions

Green Goals Summit to focus on accelerating solutions to mitigate climate change
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

As the UAE gears up to host COP 28, Green Goals Summit, an initiative by Fast Company Middle East, focuses on accelerating discussions and solutions to mitigate climate change. 

The summit to be held in Dubai at Armani Hotel on May 17 will explore the challenges and opportunities in creating actionable change and the role of government and businesses in catalyzing change. 

Amongst the impressive lineup of speakers, Christina Struller, Vice President of Corporate Affairs – ISMEA, UPS, noted her enthusiasm for public-private partnerships as a key factor: “We’re most excited to see how the private sector collaborates with the public sector to limit greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change through results and action-oriented agenda.” 

Meanwhile, fellow speaker Wael Ismail, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, MENA, and Southeast Asia – PepsiCo, said the private sector is important in implementing solutions. “[As] our region once again takes the lead, the private sector has a unique opportunity to turn talk into action and make tangible progress towards a sustainable future.”

Another key discussion during the summit is the leadership’s critical role in climate action. From influencing policy adoption to enhancing collaboration among various stakeholders, today’s leaders contribute to enabling change. 

Adel Alfalasi, Partner and Head of UAE Market, Oliver Wyman, points to the UAE as a role model. “From where I stand, the UAE has set a great example as to how the leadership of a country can orchestrate a nationwide movement through, for instance, the announcement of 2023 as the year of sustainability and the hosting of COP28 this December.” 

Hanan Al Yafei, Executive Director of the Responsible Investing Unit, Mubadala Investment Company, noted its significance, “It’s essential that our current and future leaders must be at the forefront of turning words into actions. We need concrete solutions and action plans to drive progress.” She added, “Embracing sustainable practices is no longer a choice but a strategic imperative that requires a collective effort from businesses, governments, and individuals.”

Offering a roadmap for how businesses and society can implement innovative ideas and technologies, the summit will also focus on various topics, including the challenges of transitioning to a net zero carbon future, environmental and nature degradation, and the circular economy’s role in accelerating sustainability. 

It features an impressive lineup of speakers, consisting of Hanan Al Yafei, Executive Director, Responsible Investing Unit, Mubadala Investment Company; Adel Alfalasi, Partner and Head of UAE Market, Oliver Wyman; Ayman Ismail, VP of Government Affairs, Strategy & Sustainability, Schneider Electric, Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO, BEEAH; Christina Struller, VP of Corporate Affairs –ISMEA, UPS; Wael Ismail VP, Corporate Affairs MENA and South Asia, Pepsico; Florence Bulte, Chief Sustainability Officer, Chalhoub Group; and more. 

With leading consulting firm Oliver Wyman as its official advisory partner, the summit brings together business and government leaders, policymakers, and sustainability experts from diverse industries to discuss, explore and listen to the expert panel. The event is a unique opportunity for attendees to gain a fresh perspective on the current state of the world.

Registrations are closed for the summit.

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