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How government agencies can harness Gen AI’s full potential

A new report by World Government Summit and Accenture highlight the importance of using GenAI responsibly

How government agencies can harness Gen AI’s full potential
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The power of GenAI and its potential to transform government work is immense – it can reduce administrative burdens and allow for more focus on critical human-based services.

However, the increased usage of GenAI raises the risks of unreliable outputs and biases.

A new report How Can Government Agencies Responsibly Navigate the AI Landscape to Implement High Impact Generative AI Solutions? released by The World Government Summit and Accenture, explores the power of Gen AI and its potential to redefine human-AI interaction and transform how governmental work is conducted and outlines key strategies for the ethical and effective use of GenAI by government agencies.

According to the report, with the rapid adoption of AI technologies such as ChatGPT, the landscape of public services is at the cusp of a major shift. This shift, however, brings with it the responsibility to manage Gen AI ethically to mitigate the risks of unreliable outputs, various biases, and workforce displacement while ensuring confidentiality, security, and adherence to regulations.

According to the report, over the next three to five years, an overwhelming 99% of public service leaders believe that software and services powered by AI foundation models will substantially enhance innovation and creativity in their organizations.

Stressing the importance of ensuring data outcomes are reliable and the crucial role of international cooperation in managing the impact of Gen AI on a global scale, the report offers recommendations for overcoming some challenges faced in integrating GenAI into government services. 

“Government agencies must proactively invest in the work processes, culture, and skills required for employees and residents to thrive and for entities to harness Gen AI’s full potential. This will also mitigate concerns such as biased service delivery, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, misinformation, and potential job augmentation,” said Gianmario Pisanu, managing director of Health & Public Services at Accenture in the Middle East.

At the same time, Mohamed Yousef AlSharhan, Managing Director of the World Governments Summit Organisation, shared that international cooperation is critical in achieving these aims. 

“The path to the most effective AI solutions lies in thoughtful development. Public service leaders play an important role in building thorough and careful approaches to help ensure that these technologies contribute to a better future for all,” he added.

The report also emphasizes that public sector leaders are responsible for balancing productivity and efficiency with legitimate concerns about the effects technology could have on jobs, society, and the essence of humanity.

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