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Impulse and Software AG to launch Kuwait’s first IoT platform

The partnership will promote IoT adoption as a tailored solution that integrates with the enterprise's systems

Impulse and Software AG to launch Kuwait’s first IoT platform
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Venture capital firm Impulse and Software AG have teamed to launch Kuwait’s first IoT platform to speed up IoT implementations in the country and enable organizations to become connected.

The collaboration will also drive the adoption of IoT as a turnkey solution that is customized with seamless integration with the enterprise’s systems and applications. Smart cities, smart facilities, asset tracking, waste management, energy consumption, and healthcare use cases can all be developed using this in-country IoT platform.      

“Impulse is committed to building a strong technology infrastructure to support Kuwait’s Vision 2035. Software AG has a proven reputation for its highly reliable IoT technologies and has been globally at the forefront of IoT development. So we have partnered with them and Vision Valley to build the first in-country IoT platform to accelerate the implementation of many strategic IoT initiatives,” said Yasmeen Abualrub, business head of IoT at Impulse International.

“We share a common vision of building smarter nations, and with a promising partnership of this nature, we’re certain that the platform will enhance the operations of the public and private sectors in Kuwait by reducing cost and improving efficiency,” Abualrub added.

The IoT platform will offer a horizontal approach that enables the extension of services and products to numerous industries and a larger range of business segments as businesses digitally change quickly and effectively in accordance with local laws protecting data privacy.

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