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Innovation meets tradition at Cevisama’s 40th edition

The fair has created a compelling program with a focus on future trends, design, sustainability, and innovation.

Innovation meets tradition at Cevisama’s 40th edition
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Spain’s tiles, renowned for their intricate designs and vibrant colors, have a rich history dating back centuries and are cherished as a captivating local art form. They embody a fusion of diverse cultural influences that have shaped the Iberian Peninsula, adorning historic buildings with vibrant azulejos and finding contemporary interpretations in modern architecture.

Today, the Spanish ceramic tiles industry is one of the largest European exporters of tiles in volume and the second largest globally. The country’s tile industry’s exports have grown significantly in the past few years, with the main export destinations being France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Exports account for nearly 80% of the total industry revenue in Spain.

Honoring this ancient artform, Cevisama, the leading trade fair for the ceramics, bathroom equipment, and natural stone industry, is poised to commemorate its 40th anniversary, showcasing the most innovative designs in ceramic tiles.  

From February 26th to March 1st, the Feria Valencia will be transformed into a center of innovation, spotlighting the latest trends and sustainable solutions for the years ahead.

“Cevisama 2024 is sure to wow everyone,” said Carmen Álvarez, the event’s director. “We’ve revamped the venue with a layout designed to enhance the visitor experience and created new routes and a nerve center which will be Cevisama’s hub: the Plaza Activa.” 


Cevisama’s 2024 edition had a lineup surpassing 500 top-tier firms across various sectors—ceramic tile, bathroom equipment, technology, sustainable materials, and natural stone—the stage is set for an exhibition of unprecedented proportions, showcasing the latest and greatest industry advancements.

The fair featured over 850 international businesses and over 430 carefully selected domestic buyers, offering visitors a comprehensive insight into the industry’s latest developments.

Renowned brands such as Peronda, Roca, Natucer, and Keraben Grupo, among others, are among the esteemed exhibitors set to make an appearance at the event. 

This collaborative endeavor between the event organizers and exhibitors guarantees that Cevisama remains a driving force in attracting international buyers. “IVACE Internacional and Feria Valencia have rolled out an ambitious buyer campaign,” Álvarez highlighted. “We’ve selected over 3,500 domestic and international firms in an initiative which significantly enhances the fair’s footprint at home and abroad with investment once again coming to close to €1 million ($1.08 million).”


A highlight of Cevisama 2024 is the introduction of Plaza Activa, serving as the epicenter of innovation, for the event’s key activities and gatherings. 

Hosting events such as the Alfa de Oro Awards, the Interior Designers’ Forum, and the 40th Anniversary Gala, Plaza Activa will also be home to the renowned Architecture Forum. Esteemed architects, including Fuensanta Nieto and Max Arrocet, are set to participate.

With a focus on future trends, design, sustainability, and innovation, Cevisama has curated a compelling program, with the addition of three new features, including an educational area by Proalso, an immersive retail experience, and a retrospective ceramics exhibition spanning 40 years, further enriches the event’s offerings.


Fueled by the rising demand for sustainable living and eco-conscious products across the Middle East, the Spanish ceramic tiles market in the region is poised for growth.

The burgeoning interior design sector in the region is driving the construction industry forward, with projections indicating a market value exceeding $133 billion by 2027. In 2021, Tile of Spain’s exports to the Middle East constituted 14.6 percent of its total exports.

Tiles of Spain, the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER ) and home to more than 125 Spanish tile companies, was actively expanding more into the region.

In 2022, The international brand devised a specific communication plan to disseminate information regarding R&D initiatives, innovations, and developments within the Spanish tile sector.

The company also made diligent efforts to acquire the quality mark (QM) necessary for exporting products to Saudi Arabia, which holds the ninth position among the top ten markets.

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