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MIT Sloan Management Review to launch the Middle East edition

The edition will explores pertinent regional topics such as AI, digital transformation, and tech innovation, providing insights for policymakers, business leaders, and technology enthusiasts.

MIT Sloan Management Review to launch the Middle East edition
[Source photo: MIT Sloan Management Review | Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

MIT Sloan Management Review and Vibe Media Group LLC have announced the Middle East edition of the MIT SMR magazine and website, published by local media company Vibe Media Group LLC.

Building on MIT SMR’s English-language articles, the edition will be augmented by localized content relevant to ministry officials, policymakers, and business and technology leaders in the Middle East. The new website will premiere at a launch event and thought leadership summit at MIT’s campus in Cambridge.  

The regional edition will bring MIT SMR’s top-ranking content — new technology research and ideas from scholars and technology leaders — to the business and tech community.

“MIT Sloan Management Review is pleased and excited to launch this collaboration with Vibe Media Group,” says US publisher Deborah Gallagher. “We consider Vibe an innovative and forward-looking publisher in the Middle East and look forward to partnering with them to bring our carefully curated ideas and research to the region’s business leaders.”

Emphasizing the importance of launching the edition in the region, Ravi Raman, the publisher and editorial director, says, “MIT Sloan Management Review’s Middle East edition comes at an opportune moment for the region, witnessing a transformational change powered by technology. The edition will explore how tech leadership is transforming businesses.”

Plans are to publish research articles and a print magazine to be available on newsstands. The regional content will focus on issues in the region’s economic and technological development progress, such as AI, digital transformation, and tech innovation, with large-scale events, summits, and conferences. 

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