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Most Innovative Companies 2023: Here’s your guide to writing a successful application

To assess companies, we evaluate the connection between innovation and its impact, focusing on recent growth.

Most Innovative Companies 2023: Here’s your guide to writing a successful application
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Now accepting applications for Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies. Click here to apply.

Innovation is hard, but applying is easy. The deadline for the Most Innovative Companies 2023 application is October 10, and so to improve your chances of being considered as one of the winning companies of 2023, we encourage you to apply. 

The list, now in its second year, features a range of categories.

If you are one of those companies that have made an impact through innovation, take a moment to review our suggestions on approaching your nomination effectively. 


A successful application depends on a perfect balance – innovation and impact. It is essential to outline the key accomplishments of your company in 2023, highlighting the innovations it has created and the transformative effect they have fostered.

While the spotlight can be on an initiative that originated before 2023, it is crucial to emphasize how the company has effectively built upon that groundwork that year. Delve deep into how your company has left a lasting impact on your industry, providing invaluable insights that have accelerated progress.

If your company has diverse innovative initiatives spanning multiple categories, submitting separate applications tailored to each relevant category is advisable. Rather than attempting to fit all your accomplishments into a single submission, focus on presenting compelling arguments demonstrating why your company stands out as the most innovative in each industry. 


The application form comprises a series of questions designed to better understand your company’s achievements, emphasizing a personal approach. It is imperative to complete all the answers thoughtfully and avoid copying content directly from your company website. This presents a unique opportunity for you to convey your company’s significant impact on society. It is crucial to strike a balance between simplicity and providing detailed insights. Share specific examples highlighting how your company’s innovations have positively transformed lives, industries, or communities. By providing concrete and relatable information, you can convey the depth of the impact your company has created. 


While filling out the application, avoid business or industry-specific jargon. Also, don’t get hung up on length. The least effective applications are often the shortest because they don’t provide enough information. But long applications that repeat material across questions can also make it harder for your story to shine.


The primary focus should revolve around the key aspect driving transformation within your company. Merely stating that your company is “impactful” isn’t enough. The key is to identify what’s novel in what you’re doing and delineate how and why it’s different from what’s come before.

If your company has multiple initiatives, such as healthcare and sustainability, it is essential to frame your innovation comprehensively and support it with examples. Focus on applying within the relevant categories with tailored arguments for why you’re most innovative in finance, for example, and fintech, respectively. Avoid submitting the same pointers for multiple categories. Instead, ensure each submission is aptly tailored to the respective category.


Companies are judged on two aspects – the level of influence and the degree of innovation. Some companies have introduced such bold innovations that they may have yet to generate massive impact. But for some companies, the story is just about the breakthrough performance of their trajectory. 


We introduced new categories this year to encourage companies operating in multiple industries to approach their submissions more strategically and thoughtfully. For instance, if your company specializes in AI, you should apply to our AI & Data Science category. However, if AI technology is also being utilized to enhance healthcare, we encourage you to consider submitting your application to the Healthcare category.

We have added more categories to create more potential winners. 

You can find more information and start your application to be considered one of Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies of 2023 here.

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