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Most Innovative Companies 2023: Over 40 entries make it to the prestigious list

The annual award show was a brilliant and inspirational event that also carried a stark reminder of why innovation is so important

Most Innovative Companies 2023: Over 40 entries make it to the prestigious list
[Source photo: Fast Company Middle East]

Some of the Middle East’s best-known businesses, an app that allows coffee lovers to browse and order conveniently, a company catering to evolving educational needs, and a production house that creates innovative, relatable, and engaging content are among the winners of this year’s Most Innovative Companies. 

This year’s crop is the result of a more varied and encompassing portrait of the kind of innovation happening today in the Middle East.

The Most Innovative Companies list celebrates the variety and diversity of companies that have focused on transforming in areas that are generating headlines.

Tonight, the 42 winners, in over 20 categories, were honored at an award ceremony at Dubai Internet City Amphitheater, marked by inspiration, success, and a stark reminder of why innovation is a game changer. Apart from the winners, industry leaders, CEOs, innovators, and entrepreneurs – the forces to be reckoned with –  attended the event.

Launched in 2022, Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies list has been honoring the businesses and organizations driving change in the region across various disciplines, from climate tech and advertising to healthcare and education.

The Most Innovative Companies list is widely recognized as the most prestigious award in their field in the Middle East.

This year, the entries reflect a range of exceptional work—and the necessity of rethinking to be better than before using creativity and innovation. 

We received more than 350 entries, a record. The winners —selected by Fast Company Middle East’s editors and reporters—represent the forward-thinking that helps us channel optimism into a better future.

This year, in an unusual but not unheard of decision, we have five winners each in the Advertising, Branding & PR, and Sustainability & Cleantech categories.

Here are the 2023 winners:

Advertising, Branding & PR


For delivering tailor-made content that matters

CARMA is innovating and evolving in response to the ever-changing media landscape. It introduced five new research services, expanding its offerings and driving revenue growth. In the past two years, it showcased innovative thinking through projects like the comprehensive analysis of the impact of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Morocco’s reputation. This endeavor validated their expertise and influenced the Ministry of Tourism’s communication strategies, emphasizing the need for adequate awareness and perception measurement. What makes CARMA distinctive is its global reach, adaptable approach, and innovative tools like the CARMA Insight Portal and Project Code, which enhance efficiency and accuracy. These resources empower its clients to stay ahead in a rapidly changing media landscape. 

Leo Burnett Middle East 

For redefining branding with purpose and impact

Leo Burnett Middle East has transformed its approach from conventional advertising to a purpose-driven model, aligning the need for meaningful work with growing consumer demand. Collaborating with clients, it tackled hyper-local causes, from women’s equality to breast health. Its innovative campaigns have garnered substantial earned media, increased brand affinity, and revitalized its organizational culture. Partnering with Abaad, Leo Burnett Middle East challenged taboos around rape survivors through the impactful Dirty Laundry campaign. Its collaboration with Always in Saudi Arabia, launching the Not Hot Collection, sparked vital discussions about periods. This transformative approach has earned remarkable industry recognition and made a significant impact.


For inspiring through innovative campaigns

Over the past year, Mashreq embarked on a brand transformation through strategic initiatives — a mix of press, events, editorial, and paid radio, social, and partnerships. The Rise Every Day campaign was based on rebuilding better lives through hard work and innovation. The brand recognizes the importance of individuals challenging the status quo, inspiring customers, and building a banking-as-a-service ecosystem fit for the digital economy. It also reaffirmed its commitment to inclusivity with initiatives like Reignite and Pathfinders for women and young graduates. It launched the Mashreq Innovation Hub, where visitors are encouraged to exchange ideas, continuously drive innovation, and evolve with the changing expectations. The company’s candid approach to success and inclusivity sets it apart, inspiring individuals to redefine their paths to achievement.

Publicis Groupe Middle East

For pioneering a new approach to client engagement 

Today’s consumers want highly personalized experiences across the board, while businesses call for something simpler, more agile, and precise, measurable results. To stay ahead of the curve, Publicis Groupe restructured its business model and organizational structure, putting clients at the core. They enabled them to access all its services flexibly and modularly. The Power of One (PO1) offers complete end-to-end solutions across creative, data, and technology, which sets itself apart. 

The STUDIOm was designed to manage the regular campaign frameworks from ideation to execution and transformation initiatives where teams work together to accelerate new opportunities such as app, gaming, or platform initiatives. In a fast-changing world, where businesses are up against a whole new set of communication challenges, Publicis is anticipating what they’ll need down the line and building solutions around their needs and objectives. 

Saatchi & Saatchi MEA

For pioneering positive social change

Over the past year, Saatchi & Saatchi has redefined the art of being relevant, illustrating a significant shift in their approach. Guided by their core belief in “Nothing is Impossible,” they have harnessed the influence of “cultural currency” to craft engaging and meaningful content. Their initiatives have expanded beyond corporate collaborations with a partnership with the UAE Government. By rethinking the concept of unique license plates, they revolutionized the fundraising process during Ramadan, astonishingly raising $43.8 million in two days. Also, the company’s projects have empowered female gamers in Saudi Arabia and advocated for authenticity among Arab women, transcending the pressures of perfectionism. This transformation extended not only to their internal operations but also to their corporate culture. Their culture embraces growth, learning, and upskilling, fostering a dynamic team spirit and positioning them at the forefront of innovation.

AI & Data Science 


For addressing the energy transition challenge through innovative tech

While we develop new energy sources to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation, improving the efficiency and sustainability of our current energy sources is imperative. AIQ is addressing the energy transition challenge through the innovative application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data analytics, computer vision, and other 4IR technologies, developing solutions and enabling it to deliver sustainable growth. Formed as a joint venture between global energy company ADNOC and Abu Dhabi’s technology leader G42, AIQ has assembled a team of over 100 data scientists and subject matter experts, leveraging the company’s industry data and knowledge to develop a portfolio of over 20 solutions. They have created an Advanced Reservoir 360 solution, an Al-driven reservoir visualization and performance application that optimizes the exploitation of oil and gas fields. Utilizing AIQ AI-Emissions Platform, a predictive analytics platform, enterprises are given detailed visibility into their carbon footprints and streamlining ESG reporting. 

Architecture & Design  

Masdar City

For making sustainable living accessible

Masdar City, the sustainable community in Abu Dhabi, is addressing several global challenges facing sustainable development, such as pioneering a methodology that makes green buildings economically viable, even for developing countries, focusing on improving energy and water efficiency, driving technological innovation and growth through its free zone and clean-tech startup VC, and sharing lessons learned to help advance the real estate industry achieve net-zero. The Masdar City Square, over 29,000 square meters and features seven single and multi-tenant office buildings, will be the capital’s first net-zero office building. Masdar City is also home to The Catalyst, a venture arm focused on investing in climate-tech startups. These startups are developing innovative solutions to reduce waste and pollution, such as turning industrial waste into ceramic tile and organic waste into animal feed. Masdar Park, which uses recycled materials, is a key component of Masdar City’s “greenprint” for sustainable urban development, increasing open green spaces, public recreational facilities, and sustainable social infrastructure projects.

Msheireb Properties

For blending culture and innovation

Blending cultural heritage with modern design and sustainability, Msheireb Properties’ Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) is a smart and sustainable regeneration project with water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. To reverse high-rise trends and car dependency, MDD leverages the latest technologies and incorporates thoughtful architectural design to create an open-air, all-year-round, walkable district that champions resident well-being. The city embeds smart technology and connectivity across the development. It provides charging stations for electric cars, smart emergency response systems, and support for over 650,000 connected devices. MDD places great value on preserving Qatar’s culture by blending the best of the past and present to create sustainable and authentic modern Qatari communities. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality 

L’Oréal Middle East 

For betting on tech to raise consumers’ self-awareness

L’Oréal Middle East employs AR/VR to provide consumers with a personalized and immersive journey. This year, it partnered with Snapchat to provide consumers with an interactive hair diagnosis journey, guiding them to tailored scalp care routines and creating an immersive educational virtual space that not only deepened consumers’ understanding of their scalp health and showcased the role of technology in elevating brand relevance and engagement within the beauty industry. Over the past two years, L’Oréal Middle East has consistently demonstrated its innovative appeal through collaborations with TikTok to set industry benchmarks, resulting in heightened brand awareness and market share. 

Beauty & Wellness 

Leejam Sports Company

For offering a holistic experience to fitness

Leejam Sports Company provides sports and fitness services through a network of regional facilities. It introduced 24-hour clubs, allowing customers to choose their ideal workout time, avoiding peak hours. The company’s dedication to revitalizing the fitness journey is evident through offering personalized fitness journeys. Partnering with Burjeel Holdings, it recently launched a network of state-of-the-art physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and wellness centers in Saudi Arabia for people seeking a holistic approach to fitness and recovery. 

LVL Wellbeing

For prioritizing an all-round approach to workplace well-being

Over the past year, LVL Wellbeing, a corporate well-being platform, has provided a holistic system of individual, team, and corporate well-being practices that contribute to a healthier work-life balance. 

It sets itself apart by offering comprehensive team and one-on-one coaching to enhance employee performance, foster psychological safety, and promote collaboration. Integrating HealthierU into the LVL Wellbeing ecosystem helped provide total preventative health and well-being services to its members and clients. The company has established partnerships with some of the biggest organizations in the region, prioritizing employee well-being and building an identifiable ROI.

Consumer Goods 

Pure Harvest Smart Farms

For delivering superior, sustainably-grown produce

Pure Harvest has leveraged technology to optimize indoor farming operations to ensure high-quality fresh produce year-round to meet consumer demands. By integrating cutting-edge automation, precise climate control, and data analytics, it enhanced crop yields, minimized resource usage, and reduced the environmental impact of food production. They are also pioneers of Advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture technologies in the GCC, enabling a high-tech, hybrid growing system that makes sustainable, economical, year-round production for locally grown produce possible. In July 2023, it expanded its product range by introducing over ten new products, including blackberries, raspberries, and sweet melons.

Corporate Social Responsibility  

Cigna Healthcare 

For creating social impact through data analytics 

Cigna Healthcare has actively advocated for workplace mental wellness in the Middle East. By urging CEOs to allocate 5% of annual work hours to developing meaningful mental health strategies within organizations, it goes beyond its role as a healthcare provider, becoming a mental health thought leader. With over 800 pledges from leaders and a growing movement across various sectors in the UAE, Cigna has woven social impact into its DNA, showcasing innovation and corporate responsibility in the Middle East. Over the past two years, the healthcare company has showcased innovative thinking, providing insights into health and well-being through a data-driven approach and ensuring its actions align with communities’ and employees’ real-world health challenges. 



For bringing coffee closer to the consumer

Food delivery platforms are becoming increasingly crowded and primarily focused on meal delivery. There is no dedicated space for coffee lovers to browse coffee shops or order conveniently, such as picking up at the counter or delivering to the car window. This is where the COFE app comes in. The platform covers every aspect of coffee consumption, from personalized coffee delivery and pick-up to an innovative approach to home-brewing with various accessories and barista tools. This push has led COFE to expand to being a 360-tech solution provider through the recently launched COFE Cloud (COFE SaaS solution) that will help cafes offer their own digital experience to their users. Initially introduced in Kuwait in 2018, the COFE app expanded to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt this year. The app seeks to tap into the current $44 billion MENA coffee market, estimated to reach $144 billion by 2025. The platform has also worked with the farmers in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region to launch the Saudi Khawlani bean product line to test the appetite for locally produced coffee products. 



For providing seamless remote learning

Educational platform Dawrat aims to provide seamless remote learning for students in the MENA region. Founded in 2011, the platform offers a variety of features to foster better interaction between instructors and students, including live sessions and pre-recorded online courses. Dawrat also supports businesses by enabling them to curate their online course libraries for their staff and introducing a management system to monitor their staff’s learning progress and ensure their readiness to meet the company’s skill requirements. Dawrat has become a crucial educational tool in the post-pandemic landscape, as individuals aim to reduce physical interactions as much as possible.


For bringing innovation to school design

When it comes to school architecture, there needs to be more innovation, more consideration for evolving educational needs, and a prevalence of uninspiring, cookie-cutter layouts. How to solve this? Kidzink specializes in creating customized learning spaces and educational projects, allowing schools to improve and innovate. It helps manage multiple architecture and design projects across their portfolio of schools. Its clients can access market knowledge and consultancy, pedagogy-informed interior design, and the supply and installation of sustainable school furniture. Kidzink launched Koda, an architectural practice devoted to schools to shake off the constraints to rapid improvement and design innovation.

Emerging Tech 

Pearl Semiconductor 

For being a new chip on the block

With the growing importance of cloud computing and storage, and with 5G driving greater network density, the global market is seeing a surge in demand for high-frequency data connectivity that, in turn, requires ultra-low noise timing IC chips and programmability.

Egyptian company Pearl Semiconductor patented all-digital PLL technology for ultra-low-noise timing solutions. Its SpurFree architecture is critical in timing solutions for next-generation connectivity standards that will handle increasing data flow within and between data centers, including optical transmission networks and 5G backhaul. With the geopolitical situation between the US and China, the need for a non-US supplier of such devices is critical. The technology is the foundation for building a full-breadth line of products, including programmable reference clocks, multi-output clock generators, clock buffers, jitter attenuators, and network synchronizers

Technology Innovation Institute

For broadening the region’s technology landscape

Three years since its establishment, the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) has made strides in fortifying Abu Dhabi’s research and development ecosystem by bringing together subject matter experts, researchers, and a cadre of exceptional UAE national researchers. TII’s accomplishments include launching the Falcon series of large language models as open source and pioneering the Arab world’s Quantum Qubit. The institute weighs in on fields ranging from quantum entanglement and autonomous robotics to cutting-edge materials science and cybersecurity. Additionally, TII developed the first-ever kW-class High Power Fiber Laser in the Middle East, solidifying its position as a leader in the region’s research and innovation landscape.



For bringing expertise across technology horizontals

Launched in 2021, ZainTech’s products and services portfolio spans six key areas: Cloud hosting and advanced cloud management, security and cyber products, digital product offerings with mass market appeal, pre-built and customizable digital solutions for smart cities, data policy governance, and drones and robotics. ZainTech utilizes Zain Group’s advanced communications infrastructure across its operations, including 5G, fiber, and microwave links, and has positioned to be the digital transformation partner for enterprises and governments in the MENA region, across operations in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, and the UAE. The company has created a value proposition tailored to solve customer challenges by providing a global offering with a local presence.



For inclusive content strategy 

Over the past two years, OSN has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. They’ve partnered with major studios, such as HBO, Warner Bros. Discovery, and more, offering diverse content that reflects the region’s cultures and identities. Their strategic partnership with Apple has enriched the TV-watching experience, and localized pricing and lower-tiered plans have made premium content more accessible. 

By diversifying its programming and investing in high-quality Arabic original content, OSN offered viewers access to content that resonates with their cultural backgrounds and identities. The introduction of OSNtv and the plug-and-play OSNtv box addresses digital inclusion and the digital divide, making entertainment accessible to all, regardless of their technical expertise. 

Finance & Fintech 

Tap Payments

For unifying the fragmented MENA payment landscape

Bridging the gap in the fragmented MENA payment landscape, Tap Payments provides a single platform for businesses to accept various local and global payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, STC Pay, Careem Pay, and Google Pay. It simplifies payment, offers competitive payment products, and enables SMBs and startups to compete with larger enterprises. Connected to more than 200 regional banks, Tap Payments works with regulators and government authorities to promote a cashless society and engages in collaborative initiatives to develop skills and talent in the fintech industry.


Aster DM Healthcare

For providing comprehensive and sustainable healthcare

Aster DM Healthcare’s commitment to healthcare and social responsibility is evident through various initiatives. These include introducing new medical facilities, innovative pharmacy concepts, partnerships for accessible medication, digital healthcare platforms, international collaborations, sustainability and climate action endeavors, and philanthropic activities. It launched a platform with Intel and CARPL to foster Al-powered health tech solutions, promoting innovation in drug discovery, diagnostics, and predictive healthcare. It did a trial run of drone technology to deliver diagnostic samples and medicines. 


Independent Food Company 

For diverse culinary experiences

Offering unique culinary concepts and innovative dining experiences, the Independent Food Company expanded into Saudi Arabia over the past year, opening branches of well-known restaurant brands in Riyadh, AlUla, and Khobar. It organized creative pop-up events, collaborating with renowned chefs and offering distinctive dining experiences. The company has invested in eco-friendly practices, such as sourcing local produce. The diverse brand portfolio of the Independent Food Company includes SALT, Public, Somewhere, Grind, Parkers, and Switch, all of which have showcased an innovative approach. SALT’s integration of culinary experiences with wellness and Public’s active involvement in the community has underscored its commitment to creating fresh and impactful experiences for its customers.

Logistics & Mobility 


For sustainable luxury transportation

Global chauffeur service Blacklane puts sustainability at the forefront of its mission. Blacklane has grown its all-electric fleet and ride volumes, introduced an all-electric fleet of Mercedes-Benz EQS vehicles in the UAE, and has carbon offset initiatives, such as tree planting and renewable energy programs. Blacklane’s chauffeurs undergo rigorous training at its Chauffeur Training Academy, which uses cutting-edge technology, including AI and simulators, to ensure the highest service standards, safety, etiquette, and discretion.


For bringing fuelling solutions closer to people

Emirates National Oil Company Group (ENOC), a leading integrated global oil and gas player, operates across the energy sector value chain. Bringing innovative fuelling solutions closer to people, it launched ENOC Link, a mobile fuel station that provides digital and on-demand fuel delivery services. An eLink station fuels over 400 vehicles daily and up to four simultaneously. It does not require assembly and can easily be deployed and relocated to different locations without downtime. The station also includes vapor recovery systems to reduce emissions while loading from storage tanks.


Al Arabiya News Channel

For advancing technology in news delivery

In the past 12 months, Al Arabiya has harnessed technology to amp up news delivery, integrating augmented reality for on-screen presentations and introducing innovative split-screen formats on social media. It also introduced Mira, the Middle East’s AI news presenter, and expanded its reach through smart gadgets. Al Arabiya has consistently demonstrated innovation in news reporting. Its podcast shows and exclusive interviews with global and Arab state leaders enrich its content offering, providing quick and reliable updates to 20 million users and creating an informed global community. 


For being the one-stop solution for content creation 

Starting as an on-demand photographer/videographer booking in the region, Kapturise has grown to become the region’s largest on-demand content creation platform by bringing a wide range of professionals under one roof — photographers, videographers, models, makeup artists, influencers, event rentals, space rentals, and more. It streamlined the booking process, with defined delivery timelines, for clients’ diverse needs. It helps individual users and businesses create an online digital presence through stunning visuals and niche content creation. By providing options to define pricing, create customized packages, and offer custom quotations to find the best arrangement that suits clients’ requirements, Kapturise changed the way clients and service providers connect, collaborate, and create content.


For extending creative and cultural influence beyond Saudi Arabia 

Built on a solid business model, Telfaz11 celebrates the Saudi cultural identity by creating relatable and engaging content. Leads the media industry by empowering creative talents – storytellers, filmmakers, and its network – dedicated to generating captivating content. Last year, it produced and released its first theatrical feature film, Sattar, the biggest Saudi box office hit and the first of its eight-picture film deal with Netflix. Raven Song, a feature film it produced, was the official Saudi Arabia submission to the Academy Awards. It also partnered with NEOM to produce at least nine films and series in NEOM over the next three years. Telfaz11, which has consistently created entertaining content for the masses and extended its creative and cultural influence beyond Saudi Arabia, directly contributing over $13 million to the local film industry in 2022.


Chalhoub Group

For enhancing and transforming retail with emerging tech

Chalhoub Group accelerated in domains such as Web3, and Al in the past two years. For example, SOL3MATES, a web3-native sneaker brand, pushed the boundaries of innovation, creativity, and storytelling. Another achievement is the Christofle x Prince Roblox Collection, a collection of gaming wearables in partnership with Prince, a fashion brand by Boltable Studios. This NFT collection and a collection of wearables in Roblox meet the needs of the younger generation, and it introduced a crypto checkout option on Christofle.com. In 2022, the brand launched Reflaunt to enable customers to purchase luxury, second-hand pieces, sell their designer bags, shoes, and accessories through the Level Shoes website, and receive either cash or store credit. The group also implemented RPA for e-commerce product uploads, leading to a 50% reduction in the enrichment process time, streamlining operations, and enhancing efficiency, and ventured into the realm of Generative Al for e-commerce product imagery. 


For community growth and connectivity

GMG has made significant strides in the retail and food manufacturing sector. The acquisition of Aswaaq has established GMG as a key player in the UAE’s community mall market. Their partnership with JD Sports signals expansion plans in the sports fashion retail industry across the region. Launching online platforms like Nike websites and establishing an Asian headquarters in Malaysia highlight their growing regional presence. GMG Cares’ initiative and collaboration with Silal reflect a commitment to community well-being and sustainability. Their move towards unified commerce has enhanced the customer experience, and their focus on producing good food products shows their dedication to customer satisfaction.



For digitizing short-term rental for businesses

The pandemic changed the nature of travel. Finding a good short-term rental in cities is a massive challenge for global corporations needing high-quality alternative accommodation options to hotels. And that’s what Silkhaus, a Dubai-based short-term rental platform launched in 2021, is solving. It has become the go-to partner for businesses, building a streamlined supply of work-from-home-friendly apartments and ready-to-move-in units for relocations. It digitized the process of operating short-term rentals for large and small property owners, implemented smart home technology to enhance guest experience — contactless check-ins and keyless entry — and improved guest safety and convenience. 

Small and Mighty

Rebound Limited 

For easing the trade of recycled plastic

While plastic waste has become a significant problem, there are challenges in the trade of recycled plastics, including trust and transparency. Addressing these pain points, since launching in 2022, Rebound Plastic Exchange (RPX), a B2B marketplace to trade recycled plastics, has registered over 150 members from over 40 countries. RPX specializes in its certification protocol in ensuring facility inspection and trade quality are performed on the platform, providing transparency in pricing, and ensuring all trades are regulatory compliant. Rebound is developing version 2.0 of its platform, using advanced technologies to create a one-stop shop for recycled plastic materials and a centralized international gateway that enables global stakeholders to trade recycled plastic feedstock more efficiently.

Social Good  

L’Oréal Middle East

For synthesizing innovative thinking and environmental responsibility

As one of the leading beauty companies, L’Oréal Middle East is trying to limit its environmental impact. It has reached several milestones in that mission, such as 100 industrial sites, including 25 factories, achieving carbon neutrality in 2021, and 67% of the PET plastic in its products being from recycled sources last year. By 2025, it envisions all plastic packaging to be eco-friendly. Garnier has initiated plastic recycling in the region, notably in Saudi Arabia. In the Middle East, Kiehl’s is pioneering refillable packaging solutions. Initiatives like the Hairstylists for the Future Salon program in the region and a partnership with local waste management providers to deliver recycling solutions for the different materials used in salons, such as aluminum tubes, plastic bottles, and even hair, push these plans forward. It also launched the first trackable forest in the UAE in partnership with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group. The forest, comprising over 3,300 mangroves, was planted by L’Oréal Middle East employees, contributing to preserving our environment and supporting local biodiversity. 

Yahsat Group

For helping in search and rescue missions

During the past year, Yahsat Group has delivered vital connectivity to remote and underserved communities, showcasing a solid commitment to saving lives during natural disasters and emergencies. One of the company’s initiatives is the Yahsat Saves Lives operation, which has helped in search and rescue missions, saving numerous lives, including Chinese fishermen stranded in Japanese waters in May. Also, Yahsat’s commitment to bridging the digital divide is evident through its partnership with ZARNet, as it offers affordable internet connectivity to disadvantaged rural communities and conducts training sessions, actively promoting digital inclusion in underserved regions. These initiatives underline Yahsat’s unique position in the satellite communication sector, where their cost-effective solutions have a global connectivity impact while strongly emphasizing sustainability and social responsibility.

Sustainability & Cleantech 


For advancing smart solutions in end-to-end waste management

BEEAH grew its waste collection operations from managing the landfill to end-to-end waste management. Today, its waste management complex, equipped with an AI robot to segregate waste automatically and a digital waste manifest platform, contributes to an over 70% landfill waste diversion rate while working towards total waste diversion. BEEAH’s headquarters, designed by Zaha Hadid and integrated with future technologies such as digital twins and AI, is one of the Middle East’s most sustainable, smart buildings. Its AI City Vision — an AI-driven technology, a 360-degree camera fitted on waste collection vehicles, recognizes waste bin status, overflowing waste, and road cleanliness. It streamlines waste management, leading to significant time savings and smarter asset management.


For advancing smart and green digital solutions

Committed to driving digital innovation and rooted in a sustainability framework, e&’s approach encompasses securing a digital future for all, low-carbon operations, and a commitment to social betterment. Some of their achievements include providing sustainable edge data center solutions and implementing data technologies to empower companies to embrace sustainable agendas and reduce carbon emissions. On track to meet its 2030 net-zero target, it reduced energy consumption by 52% through energy-efficient radio equipment. It boosts green development initiatives with enhanced network capacity and efficiency for hyperscale cloud computing. It offers a wide range of solutions from its smart city portfolio, including solar energy, energy management, IoT solutions like intelligent buildings, and waste management.


For promoting circular economy and recycling 

Over the last 12 months, PepsiCo has made impressive strides in driving sustainability and innovation. They introduced recycled packaging in GCC markets and joined the Circular Packaging Association to collect 20 million single-use plastic bottles annually for recycling. In Saudi Arabia, PepsiCo partnered with Prince Sultan University to foster a circular economy, while in Lebanon, they diverted over 160 tons of recyclable waste from landfills. The company also supports young innovators through initiatives like the Arab Youth Hackathon and the PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator. Their pep+ transformation focuses on positive agriculture, a circular value chain contributing to the planet and people.

Pure Harvest Smart Farms

For championing organic food production through sustainable practices

In the past year, Pure Harvest has taken significant strides in investing in cutting-edge technology, localized its supply chains for reduced carbon emissions, adopted solar energy to power facilities, implemented water-efficient systems, and transitioned to sustainable packaging. The company has employed innovation to substantially impact customers, the industry, and the wider community. It pioneered high-tech CEA production in the GCC, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing food security. Its focus on energy-efficient designs, water recycling, crop-wise AI, robotics, and alternative animal feed cultivation all contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to agriculture.

Red Sea Farms

For improving food security and reducing carbon use

Current estimates suggest our planet must grow 50% more food by 2050. Globally, agriculture accounts for 70% of the drain on freshwater resources, increasing to 85%-90% in harsh environments. Breaking the food-water-energy nexus via innovative, sustainable technologies, RedSea’s proprietary technology reduces water and energy consumption by up to 90%. In March 2023, RedSea launched iyris heat-blocking greenhouse roof tech to reduce energy use by over 40% and water consumption by over 30%. It launched a greenhouse facility in Abu Dhabi to help diversify food product sources and stimulate the region’s agri-food sectors. The agritech company pushes the boundaries of science and technology to enable sustainable food production in harsh climates and develops salt, heat, and drought-tolerant crops. Its technology improves food security and reduces carbon use in the food sector and overall freshwater consumption by up to 90%.



For empowering the workforce to grow and develop skills

By focusing on employee well-being, flexible work policies, sustainability initiatives, support for new mothers, wellness sessions, and extensive learning and development opportunities, e& advocates a healthier workforce that translates into a more productive workforce. The telecom giant launched a flexible work policy that allows for remote working two days a week, with the option to change remote work days on a week-to-week basis, a program reskilling and upskilling the workforce, championing their capabilities. It introduced the Green Fridays initiative as mandatory remote working days to reduce carbon footprint and increase the positive sentiment among employees. To support new mothers, the company allows them to work remotely for up to two months post-delivery.

Partnering with top experts and brands from the health and lifestyle sector, it runs events to offer medical screenings, consultations, and exclusive deals. To promote learning and development, employees can access its growing library of over 50,000 courses and explore tailored programs designed to help them lead and succeed.

KPMG Professional Services

For embracing learning and development programs

Focusing on individual’s unique experiences and capabilities, KPMG develops integrated team learning and development programs. Through its thought leadership publications highlighting research and societal insights across various topics and sectors, it’s been informing and stimulating discussion, aiming to foster innovative ideas.

In 2021, KPMG Saudi Arabia was part of the Global Climate Response data collection that consolidated in its Global Impact Plan 2022, outlining the steps to achieve its global net-zero goal by 2030.

It supported the Code for Girls workshops that benefited over 200 girls through experiential learning while its employees shared their stories to motivate the girls. As part of combining the learning and development agenda with social impact, it donated about $80 to the Down Syndrome Charity Organization for every employee completing three modules of the Digital & Data Foundations course, thus upskilling people and allowing tutoring for the mothers of children with Down Syndrome.


For creating shared goals through dynamic and flexible policies

Over the past two years, TBWA\RAAD has introduced initiatives impacting its team members and the broader community. Examples include introducing the Global Freedom program, allowing employees to work from anywhere for four weeks each year. Furthermore, it has shifted its approach to talent performance and growth by implementing dynamic feedback and coaching processes to empower individuals in their personal development journey. The agency has also prioritized learning and development, offering tailored training programs and leadership development initiatives. Finally, introducing Pirates\Connected has fostered a sense of belonging and connection among the geographically dispersed workforce.

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