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Mubadala and Resilience team up to develop biopharma manufacturing in UAE

Mubadala will set up the new production facility, and Resilience would run operations

Mubadala and Resilience team up to develop biopharma manufacturing in UAE
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

To advance the UAE’s life sciences ecosystem through biopharma manufacturing, Abu Dhabi’s sovereign investment arm Mubadala Investment Company and US-based National Resilience are partnering to set up a production facility in Abu Dhabi.

The plant in Abu Dhabi will be the first Goods Manufacturing Practice biopharma facility in the UAE and the first of its kind in the region to produce vital life sciences items for advanced biologics. The range of therapeutics produced will be used to treat diseases like cancer, infectious diseases, and inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

The two entities will play to their respective advantages – while Mubadala will establish the new manufacturing facility, Resilience will operate and manufacture products out of the UAE.

Mubadala will make use of the current capabilities of its portfolio company, Strata Manufacturing (Strata), the leader in advanced manufacturing that is currently producing intricate parts for the aerospace industry, as a strategic investor focused on accelerating the economic diversification of the UAE through innovative investments.

By utilizing UAE efforts like the HOPE Consortium, an Abu Dhabi-led partnership that runs one of the biggest and most comprehensive end-to-end pharmaceutical supply chains on the market right now, Mubadala will also work to boost the UAE’s life sciences ecosystem.

“Through this agreement, Mubadala and its group companies will unlock further opportunities for growth within the life sciences ecosystem, and alongside our key partners, will play an instrumental role in establishing a state-of-the-art biopharma campus that will secure the region’s supply chain from Abu Dhabi,” said Badr Al-Olama, executive director, UAE Investment Platform at Mubadala.

Last year, Mubadala joined forces with G42 to set up a biopharmaceutical manufacturing campus in Abu Dhabi to tap into global vaccine and therapeutic products to strengthen regional supply chains and drive forward the UAE’s diversification efforts.

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