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Nakheel rebrands Deira Islands, unveils a new master plan

The Deira Islands will be now known as Dubai Islands and will be a cluster of five islands covering 17 square kilometers.

Nakheel rebrands Deira Islands, unveils a new master plan
[Source photo: Nakheel | Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Dubai master developer Nakheel has announced that the Deira Islands projects will now be known as Dubai Islands and has also revealed that this project is a cluster of five different islands.

This will now be a cluster of five islands located along Dubai’s northern coastline and spread over 17 square kilometers. The new master plan suggests that each island will offer a unique experience, resorts, cultural hubs, recreational sports beaches, beach clubs, and easy access to the city and airport.

According to the company, this project is aligned with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan. It looks to “reinforce the emirate’s position as a global destination of choice for residents, visitors, and investors.”

Naaman Atallah, CEO at Nakheel, said, “Dubai Islands are an integral part of the future vision for the emirate, focusing on enhancing the health, happiness, and wellbeing of residents and visitors, as well as providing the highest standards and variety of urban infrastructure and facilities.

“Dubai Islands will add to the Nakheel portfolio of residential, retail, hospitality, and leisure developments, offering another destination within a destination,” he added.

The property market in UAE is experiencing a rebound, and according to a recent report, property prices in both retail and commercial segments are rising. It also says that the property prices in Dubai have increased by 10%, and 39,269 transactions were recorded, the highest since 2009.

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