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NEOM introduces Jaumur, a luxury coastal community in Saudi Arabia

The development features nearly 700 luxury villas and 500 marina apartments, with private waterfront access and mooring facilities.

NEOM introduces Jaumur, a luxury coastal community in Saudi Arabia
[Source photo: NEOM | Krishna Prasad/Fast Company Middle East]

NEOM, the developer behind Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city project, has revealed its newest endeavor: Jaumur. Positioned as the largest cosmopolitan luxury community along the Gulf of Aqaba coast, this expansive development aims to redefine coastal living with its ambitious vision.

Jaumur is envisioned as an exclusive residential community focused on a sizable marina, providing upscale living for more than 6,000 residents. The development aims to integrate with the natural surroundings, comprising approximately 700 luxury villas and 500 marina apartments. Each residence will offer private waterfront access and mooring facilities, enhancing the community’s overall appeal.

Luxury extends beyond residences, including two destination hotels boasting 350 lavish rooms and suites with access to modern amenities for enjoying the coastal lifestyle.

NEOM officials highlight Jaumur’s emphasis on an active and luxurious lifestyle. The marina will be the focal point, boasting a 1.5-kilometer aerofoil structure crafted to shelter superyachts and foster a welcoming ambiance. Additionally, this structure will serve as an entrance to the marina and its various amenities, catering to seasoned yachting enthusiasts and adventurous visitors.

The Jaumur marina promenade is envisioned as a dynamic space brimming with entertainment, leisure, and cultural offerings. Visitors can expect year-round events, performances, and upscale retail outlets complemented by world-class dining establishments.

Continuing NEOM’s dedication to innovation and education, Jaumur will integrate a deep-sea research center alongside an international boarding school. The research center seeks to become a focal point for marine exploration and conservation, drawing in established experts and nurturing discoveries. 

Simultaneously, the international school will offer a progressive and exclusive education to a select group of students from across the globe under the guidance of a diverse faculty.

Jaumur is part of NEOM’s broader initiative to develop sustainable tourism destinations along the Gulf of Aqaba, including Leyja, Epicon, and Siranna. These developments underscore NEOM’s commitment to advancing sustainability practices while promoting regional progress.

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