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Netflix to release the second edition of Saudi short films

A collection of 14 short films by Saudi talents will be released under New Saudi Voices.

Netflix to release the second edition of Saudi short films
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Bringing an array of diverse storytellers together to depict various facets of Saudi life, the second volume of Netflix’s New Saudi Voices showcases talents from Riyadh and Jeddah. It spotlights Saudi’s filmmaking industry and is set to be released on Friday. 

The collection comprises 14 short films, 11 featured at the Red Sea International Film Festival, and the 48-hour Filmmaking Challenge winners.

The list includes dramas such as Old Phone Number by Ali Saeed and Zabarjad by Hussain Almutliq, diving into personal growth and development themes after clinging to the past. Meanwhile, Last Chance to Fall in Love by award-winning writer Faisal Buhaishi follows the story of an older man reunited with his first love 50 years later.

A Swing by Raneem and Dana Almohandes takes on the fantasy genre, telling the journey of a ten-year-old girl sifting through the woods in search of a magical swing that her father used to tell her about.

Nora Abu Shusha unveils the trials and tribulations of married life that often go unspoken with Lucky You’re Mine, while Mohammed Baqer’s Tea Leaf explores feelings of pain and regret that come with failed relationships. 

Other films in the collection include Requiem for Silence by Majed Z. Samman, Forward by Fahad Alotaibi, and Othman by Khaled Zeidan.

Nuha El-Tayeb, Netflix’s content director for Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, described this collection of short films as a “celebration of untold stories and a testament to the creative prowess of the emerging filmmakers.” 

“[The films] transcend borders and allow viewers to experience the beauty and dynamism of Saudi culture. We believe great stories can come from anywhere and be loved by anyone,” she added.

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