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Parents in the UAE believe play builds stronger family bonds

A study by the LEGO found that 97% of parents in the UAE agree that play improves their family's happiness and well-being.

Parents in the UAE believe play builds stronger family bonds
[Source photo: LEGO, Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Children learn to navigate their physical and social environment in play while imagining and constructing new realities. Beyond cognitive development, play benefits parents and children alike in building closer bonds. 

According to the LEGO Play Well 2022 study, play has benefits that extend to the whole family and highlights a link between the hours spent playing together and the overall happiness of families. 

The study found that 97% of parents in the UAE agree that play improves their family’s happiness and well-being; 30% of parents claimed that having too much work is the key barrier to playing more as a family, while 23% of children said that not having enough playtime.  

“Aside from their usual extra-curricular activities, children love having something to look forward to. To nurture this, parents can schedule a designated weekly game day. Committing to making play a routine priority not only fosters the healthy development of children but helps families bond, lose the sense of time, and experience deep contentment,” said Aalia Thobani, Communication and Connection Specialist. 

The study found that both children and parents in the UAE admit to spending a large portion of their time on their technological devices, with 68% of parents claiming that their child spends too much time online.

“While technology is inherently ingrained in our lives, ensuring time off-screen and setting time for family is important for children’s happiness and well-being. The key to combat this technology addiction is to set boundaries and lead by example in showing your kids how to combat boredom without resorting to screens,” said Aalia Thobani, Communication and Connection Specialist.

In addition to forging closer family bonds, play helps children learn the life skills they need and allows parents to connect with their children. In the UAE, 94% of parents say that play facilitates better communication with their children and helps them get to know their children better (95%). 

It also provides a meaningful way for busy adults to unwind while spending time with their children, as playing together promotes familial bonding. In fact, 97% of parents say play, in return, helps them with their mental being and happiness.

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