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Pepsi unveils new global visual identity across the Middle East

Pepsi organized light and digital installations at iconic landmarks throughout the Middle East, such as AlUla in Saudi Arabia and the Nile River in Egypt.

Pepsi unveils new global visual identity across the Middle East
[Source photo: Pepsi]

Pepsi’s global logo has adorned products and advertisements for generations, establishing itself as a symbol of refreshment and pop culture.

After 14 years, Pepsi is introducing its first major visual identity update, unveiling it across over 120 markets, including the Middle East. 

To mark this milestone in the region, Pepsi organized light and digital installations at landmarks across the Middle East, such as AlUla in Saudi Arabia, the Nile River in Egypt, the Dubai skyline, and Pigeon Rock in Lebanon. Pepsi highlights this as its first major global rebranding initiative designed to resonate with the vibrant culture of the Middle East.

In Saudi Arabia, the ancient landscape of AlUla provided a backdrop for the unveiling of the reimagined logo. At the same time, the banks of the Nile in Egypt witnessed a digital display of blue and black hues. Dubai’s skyline was illuminated, reflecting the city’s vibrant energy, while Pigeon Rock in Lebanon throbbed with anticipation in Pepsi’s iconic colors.

Pepsi partnered with local artists and cultural influencers in the region as well. At Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence, pop-up experiences welcomed visitors to engage with the brand through music, light displays, and interactive activities.

Karim El Fiqi, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo AMESA, emphasized the brand’s dedication to innovation and consumer connection. He highlighted that the new visual identity aligns with the “Thirsty for More” brand platform, urging individuals to embrace fresh possibilities and experiences.

“Our new visual identity is bold, unapologetic, modern, and iconic. And what better way to showcase the brand’s transformation than through the iconic installations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and Dubai!” He added.

“This exciting change is our endeavor to stay true to our roots while embracing the future and it isn’t just limited to a logo, it’s a commitment to innovation, design, and storytelling.”

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