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PwC Middle East launches program to support 50 climate tech firms

These climate tech firms will benefit from PwC’s scalability and growth platform

PwC Middle East launches program to support 50 climate tech firms
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Climate change mitigation and adaptation methods are at the top of the global agenda as corporate executives and governments gather in Egypt for COP27, focusing on the Middle East’s decarbonization objectives.

Aligning with the global climate action efforts, PwC has announced the Net Zero Future50 program to support 50 creative climate tech firms that will benefit from the platform’s scalability and growth.

With the MENA region being one of the most vulnerable in the world to the impact of climate change due to water scarcity and food insecurity, identifying effective solutions has become an urgent necessity. 

“We recognize the significance of the challenge ahead to achieve ambitious net zero strategies, and we are committed to supporting our public and private sector stakeholders in identifying emerging technologies that can advance their climate commitments. The Middle East is uniquely set to lead the world in many areas; we also need to innovate for our region-specific challenges,” Dr. Yahya Anouti, PwC Middle East’s ESG Leader and partner at Strategy&. 

Eligible firms for the Future50 must be established or operating in the Middle East and demonstrate proof of concept for their product or service’s ability to positively address the climate change challenge by developing new technologies.

“Climate tech is crucial to our net zero ambitions. It works to tackle one of the hardest challenges of our time. Startups in key impact technology sectors are going to drive the shift and are going to allow us to meet critical climate targets further,” said Jon Blackburn, PwC Middle East partner, Energy, Utilities, Resources and Industrials.

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas comes to the Middle East on 23 November 2022. Click here to know more.

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