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Qatar aims to digitize 90% of its citizen services by 2030

It plans to establish a center of excellence for data and emerging technologies

Qatar aims to digitize 90% of its citizen services by 2030
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

During COVID-19, many governments couldn’t provide services to their citizens in the same ways they had been before the pandemic. However, some governments were able to pivot how they delivered services and scale up to keep things post-pandemic. 

Digital services allow governments to serve citizens while reducing pressures on budgets and resources. 

In the Middle East, Qatar, like its neighbor UAE, has been driving digital transformation to distribute services to its citizens. The country plans to now establish a specialized Center of Excellence to work with emerging technologies, data, and AI to achieve this goal. The center will also boost the Gulf state’s plan to digitize 90% of its citizen services by 2030.

Aside from developing a comprehensive national data governance and management framework, the center will focus on advancing system interoperability through enhanced data exchange layers.

The initiative is stated in the third National Development Strategy, which includes updating the service catalog, establishing Service Level Agreement frameworks, launching a one-stop-shop portal, delivering integrated services, improving customer experience, and creating innovation labs.

The government, collaborating with key players like Siemens and Microsoft, plans to implement centralized performance tracking and monitoring systems for its services to ensure quality and efficiency.

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