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Qatari asset management firm launches initiative to support local digital art

Two Qatari artists will create digital representations of Qatar’s culture and promote Alford Hughes’ real asset portfolio as well.

Qatari asset management firm launches initiative to support local digital art
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Digital art made a debut at the Middle East’s largest art fair, Art Dubai, this year, with 17 galleries dedicated entirely to NFTs. Saudi Arabia is also setting up a 10,000 square meter digital art center to nurture young regional talent. Artists associated with Qatar Foundation have also created digital works raising awareness about Palestine.

Now Qatar’s most exclusive asset management firm Alford Hughes has launched an initiative called ‘Invest Internationally, Locally’ in collaboration with two Qatari artists. As part of the project, they’ll create digital art interpreting Qatari culture across well-known landmarks. The aim is to support the growth of local artists by offering an outlet for them to showcase creativity.

Along with the artists, the initiative will also promote Alford Hughes’ real estate portfolio in cities across the globe. The company promotes properties that are architectural marvels and situated in places known for cultural aesthetics while also being financially attractive. Before this, Qatari artist Bothayna al Muftah had designed an investment guide for the asset management giant.

The firm feels that collaboration with artists complements its offerings and adds a refined touch to its already exclusive real-estate portfolio. Launched just two years back, Alford Hughes has a portfolio worth $7 billion and helps Qataris invest in assets abroad.

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