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Qatar’s conservation efforts earn praise from Jane Goodall

The renowned primatologist hopes to introduce Roots & Shoots global youth program in Qatar

Qatar’s conservation efforts earn praise from Jane Goodall
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Among the most pressing challenges in Qatar are water scarcity and high energy consumption rates. In alignment with the country’s need to focus on sustainability, Earthna Summit has brought together sustainability experts and policymakers to discuss the most pressing climate concerns. Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, attended the opening ceremony on Wednesday.

The two-day event aims to renew focus on examining ancestral solutions to climate challenges and build a community of environmental stakeholders to shape the future of sustainability in hot and dry regions. 

Among other prominent experts, academics, and officials was renowned primatologist and anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall who closed the summit’s first day with a discussion about biodiversity, ecosystems, and values.

Dr. Goodall stated, “I try to introduce the Roots & Shoots program wherever I go. That’s why it’s growing around the world. And I certainly hope, after my visit here, that the program will take off in Qatar.”

Roots & Shoots program aims to reconnect people with the natural world, specifically children.

For 60 years, she’s been a pivotal figure of hope in the world of wildlife research and conservation, working tirelessly to not only help us better understand chimpanzees, but to also fight for our natural world. 

During her time in the peninsular country, Dr. Goodall visited the sanctuary of the Oryx conservation program and highlighted the significant conservation efforts. “In Qatar and the Gulf states, there have been major conservation efforts for the different animals in the region,” she said.

She also highlighted why the effects of driving motor vehicles across the desert damage the delicate desert ecosystem.

The summit is hosting various sessions, workshops, and panel discussions based on food and security adaptation; climate change and energy transition; resilient cities; and biodiversity.

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