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Qatar’s construction industry transforms with a focus on sustainability

The 'Build Your House Exhibition 2023' witnessed the active involvement of various nations, including European and South Asian countries, marking its fourth edition with a global presence.

Qatar’s construction industry transforms with a focus on sustainability
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030, the nation has witnessed a notable surge in eco-friendly construction initiatives incorporating cutting-edge technologies designed to minimize environmental harm.

Last week, Qatar hosted the fourth edition of the ‘Build Your House Exhibition 2023,’ emphasizing the promotion of sustainable and intelligent homes to encourage environmental stewardship among citizens. The event brought together residential construction sector companies and individuals seeking to create or renovate their homes with an environmentally conscious approach.

Jawahar Al Bader, the Communications Manager at the Qatari Ministry of Municipality, and Engineer Ammar Ali from Al Wakra Municipality expressed the municipality’s commitment to pursuing sustainability in building practices by designing houses that cater to the needs of the country’s residents.

In a conversation with The Peninsula, Al Bader said, “We give people ideas on how to make your house more green by using technologies, and the municipality helps in making the steps easier for them. Our strategy in the municipality is to seek sustainability in building houses, design, and technology.”

A fresh competition called ‘My Garden In My House’ was launched as part of the event, inviting citizens to participate. Qataris can engage with the municipality to obtain detailed information about the competition’s rules and regulations and actively participate.

“The construction industry is developing, and the ministry is also updating it. Qatar’s construction and housing industry has seen huge growth and is increasing as the government has provided a lot of solutions to make it smooth and easier than anywhere in the world,” he added.

To obtain construction permits, citizens can submit their requests online via the municipality’s website. The municipality offers various services through its ‘Oun’ application, catering to individuals seeking to construct residential buildings.

According to Abdullah Abujbara, a Mechanical Engineer specializing in the Drainage Department at Ashghal, their primary focus is to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable construction practices by ensuring that buildings are designed to endure for many decades.

The event also witnessed the participation of international exhibitors hailing from various countries, including Iran, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait, Algeria, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, China, India, and Sri Lanka.

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