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Qatar’s food delivery sector stands to gain during FIFA World Cup

A similar trend will be seen in neighboring GCC countries, mainly the UAE

Qatar’s food delivery sector stands to gain during FIFA World Cup
[Source photo: Venkat Reddy/Fast Company Middle East]

Food delivery orders in Qatar are expected to increase by 80% during the FIFA World Cup, according to a new report, providing eateries with an opportunity to grow and sustain a client base in a highly competitive industry.

According to the Redseer Consulting survey, food deliveries in World Cup host countries often witness a peak during the games. The predicted food order bounce in Qatar is 30% higher than on average Indian Premier League (IPL) match days, which is generally 50%, the data revealed. 

According to the survey, spending on food delivery is expected to spike, followed by packaged foods and sportswear. 


The increase in food deliveries would also positively impact the food delivery sector in neighboring GCC countries, mainly the UAE.

According to a ForwardKeys study, UAE and other Gulf states will also benefit from passengers traveling to other destinations from Qatar after the matches, with Dubai being the most popular onward destination from Qatar during the World Cup season.

While aggregators such as Deliveroo, Talabat, and the indigenous Carriage account for up to 75% of orders, established restaurants are increasingly focusing on more direct engagement with consumers by developing their apps or offering direct WhatsApp ordering, the fastest growing segment within the food delivery sector.

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