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Qatar’s Islamic fintech market to hit $4 billion by 2027

Qatar is a major player in Islamic finance, having the sixth-highest number of Islamic fintech firms globally

Qatar’s Islamic fintech market to hit $4 billion by 2027
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In the Middle East, a notable surge in fintech innovation is underway, propelled by technological progress and a burgeoning youth demographic seeking digital solutions. Accompanying this surge is the rise of Islamic fintech.

One of the leading markets for Islamic fintech is Qatar, which is expected to reach $4 billion by 2027, as the latest Global Islamic Fintech Report indicates. This projection marks a substantial leap from its current $2.1 billion size, underscoring significant growth within the industry.

The report shows Qatar to be a significant player in Islamic finance, boasting the sixth-highest number of Islamic fintech firms globally (24 out of 417) and ranking as the 8th most conducive ecosystem for such innovations.

The global Islamic fintech market is experiencing an upsurge, estimated to reach $306 billion by 2027, with an average annual growth of 17%. The report highlights two dominant regional centers as the main drivers of this growth: Southeast Asia and GCC-MENA, led by Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Qatar, strategically located in the GCC-MENA region, is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend.

But challenges persist. Access to capital, consumer education, and navigating regulatory hurdles are some of the obstacles facing Islamic fintech companies today.

“The number of Islamic fintechs identified globally continues to grow year on year,” said Abdul Haseeb Basit, co-founder and principal of Elipses and the report’s co-author. “Significantly, the diversification and consolidation being led by the mature players in the sector sets the precedent from where future growth may emerge.”

Qatar’s commitment to Islamic fintech is further underscored by Henk Jan Hoogendoorn, Chief Financial Sector Officer at the Qatar Financial Centre Authority. “Qatar, with its large Islamic banking sector, has a good ecosystem for Islamic fintech firms to operate in the Middle East. The Qatar Financial Center supports Islamic fintech.”

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