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Qatar’s legal system adopts AI to improve accuracy and speed of legal proceedings

Qatar's public prosecution implements AI technology to enhance operational efficiency and reduce errors in legal procedures.

Qatar’s legal system adopts AI to improve accuracy and speed of legal proceedings
[Source photo: Pankaj Kirdatt/ Fast Company Middle East ]

The public prosecution of Qatar is set to enhance its legal procedures and reduce the likelihood of errors by utilizing AI technology. Through an AI-powered system, the conversion of words into text will be automated, thereby boosting the operational efficiency of public prosecution.

In addition to expediting legal procedures and reducing errors, the AI technology employed by Qatar’s public prosecution will also find application in investigation sessions, the drafting of minutes, and the creation of memorandums to conclude legal procedures.

By leveraging this AI-powered system, information and notes taken during these processes can be efficiently and accurately converted into written texts, minimizing the need for manual labor and significantly decreasing the risk of human error. The result enhances the overall efficiency and accuracy of the public prosecution’s operations.

Following a successful trial of the AI-powered system in select offices, Qatar’s public prosecution has announced its intention to implement the technology in its operations fully. The trial received positive feedback from users, who lauded the system’s accuracy and effectiveness. Integrating AI into the public prosecution’s workflow aligns with Qatar’s broader economic diversification and technological advancement objectives, particularly in AI.

Qatar’s public prosecution is committed to embracing cutting-edge technology, particularly AI, to improve operations. The goal is to develop the technical capabilities necessary to automate all judicial processes, thereby ensuring the prompt delivery of justice.

The public prosecution recognizes that advanced tech solutions are vital to achieving this objective and actively seeks innovative ways to integrate AI into its workflow. By leveraging the latest technology, public prosecution aims to streamline its operations and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the country’s legal system.

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