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Record-breaking rare ruby worth $120 million goes on show in Dubai

One of the biggest rough rubies in the world is currently on display in Dubai.

Record-breaking rare ruby worth $120 million goes on show in Dubai
[Source photo: SJ Gold and Diamond, Venkat Reddy/Fast Company Middle East]

A gorgeous, rare ruby, touted to be the world’s largest ruby, has gone on display for the first time, ahead of an auction, at a hotel in Dubai as part of SJ Gold and Diamond’s Callisto collection.

During the press conference, the company raised the curtain on the most prized possession and the Crown jewel – ‘Burj Alhamal’, one of the biggest rough ruby to make its public appearance for the first time in the market. It was mined from the village of Winza in Central Tanzania.

Weighing in at 8,400 carats and 2.8kg in weight, the crown jewel was unveiled by the guest of honour and the Hollywood actor, Tamer Hassan. This variegated purplish-red rough ruby is currently on display in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

This record-smashing one-of-a-kind rare Ruby (‘Burj Alhamal’) is scheduled to be auctioned post-Ramadan and sold to the highest bidder in Dubai. It has been estimated to go for around 120 million dollars (AED 432 million) at minimum.

On the launch of the exclusive gems collection, Patrick Pilati, Managing Director of SJ Gold and Diamond said, “Today, we bring to you an amazing collection of rare and precious gemstones in the name of – ‘Callisto Collection’ comprising millions worth of hand-picked are gems along with the 12 unique rough rubies, weighing at a ginormous 236,000 carats, and this success wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of so many people.”

He added, “Each rough ruby, coming in diverse sizes, can be seen featured in the collection’s logo, tethered together with gold lines to form the Callisto collection’s very own constellation. We brought our resources, network, and knowledge together, and this opened the doors to the success of SJ Gold and Diamond.”

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