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Saudi Arabia builds a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem

Qiddiya City's urban plan and global branding aims to attract 48 million visitors per year.

Saudi Arabia builds a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem
[Source photo: Qiddiya | Krishna Prasad/Fast Company Middle East]

In a move designed to accelerate the development of the entertainment sector, Qiddiya Investment Company has merged with Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN). The combined entity aims to build a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem, which will contribute significantly to Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification goals and expedite the construction of the multi-billion dollar Qiddiya project.

Abdullah Aldawood, managing director of Qiddiya and chairman of SEVEN, described the merger as aiming to “create a new concept of fun and improve the quality of life by building an integrated and unprecedented entertainment ecosystem.” 

SEVEN brings a wealth of experience, having spearheaded the development of 21 entertainment projects across 14 Saudi cities, with investments exceeding $13 billion. 

Notably, the company played a pivotal role in reintroducing cinemas to the kingdom after a 35-year hiatus, partnering with AMC Group. They have also secured partnerships with renowned brands like Transformers, Play-Doh, Discovery Adventures, Hot Wheels, Clip ‘n Climb, and Flow House.

While Qiddiya, envisioned as a giga-project, initially targeted a 2022 opening and 1.5 million annual visitors, the timeline has shifted. The highly anticipated Six Flags and Aqua Arabia theme parks will open in 2025. 

This merger follows the December 2023 launch of Qiddiya City’s urban plan and global branding, aiming to attract a staggering 48 million visitors annually.

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