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Saudi Arabia unveils plans for world’s tallest sports facility in Riyadh

The tower will include the world's tallest indoor climbing wall and the world's highest running track.

Saudi Arabia unveils plans for world’s tallest sports facility in Riyadh
[Source photo: Saudi Press Agency | Krishna Prasad/Fast Company Middle East]

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has approved the designs for the Global Sports Tower, a significant element of Riyadh’s ambitious Sports Boulevard project. At 130 meters, this tower is poised to be the tallest dedicated sports facility globally.

The architectural project spans 84,000 square meters and will house more than 30 sports facilities. One standout feature is a 98-meter indoor climbing wall, catering to climbers of all skill levels amid the sport’s rising popularity. Additionally, the tower will feature a fully digitized 250-meter running track, providing a distinctive training environment with breathtaking panoramic views of Riyadh.

The Sports Boulevard project is an innovative initiative covering 135 kilometers. It connects Wadi Hanifah and Wadi Al Sulai through pedestrian, cycling, and equestrian paths, forming a green corridor. This integrated destination aims to encourage an active lifestyle for everyone.

The Sports Boulevard is envisioned as a gateway to a futuristic urban environment, aiming to leave a lasting impact. Encompassing over 4.4 million square meters of green space and including 50 multidisciplinary sports facilities and dedicated investment zones, the project highlights the Kingdom’s commitment to sustainability, fostering a vibrant sports culture, and enhancing the future vitality of Riyadh.

The Sports Tower embodies Saudi Vision 2030, a national strategy aimed at advancing the Kingdom’s economy and positioning Riyadh as a global city leader. This tower plays a pivotal role in the ambitious plan, anticipated to improve residents’ quality of life and promote a thriving sports culture.

Initiated by King Salman bin Abdulaziz in 2019, this large-scale project underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to progress and enhancing the well-being of its citizens. Anchored by the Global Sports Tower, the Sports Boulevard project is set to elevate Riyadh as a prominent center for sports and active lifestyles worldwide.

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