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Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 targets on track, shows annual report

Concrete roadmap under Saudi Green Initiative aiding in its fight against climate change

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 targets on track, shows annual report
[Source photo: Pankaj Kirdatt/ Fast Company Middle East ]

Saudi Arabia is ahead of many of the targets under Vision 2030 as per the country’s annual report that monitors the progress to diversify the kingdom’s economy. In 2022, the kingdom achieved more than its set targets across various sectors for 2023.

Vision 2030 also enlists efforts to mitigate climate change and move towards sustainability with the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative. Under the two initiatives, there are concrete plans and projects and a roadmap to lead the kingdom and the entire region toward sustainability and aid in the protection of the environment.

Under the Middle East Green Initiative, Saudi Arabia planted around 50 billion trees last year, increasing the area covered by trees in the kingdom by a dozen times. It also reclaimed around 200 million hectares of degraded land under the initiative. This is expected to minimize emissions by 2.5%. These efforts will help the kingdom achieve its net-zero target by 2060. 

The report also highlighted economic transformations, employment conditions, and tourism in the kingdom. 

In 2022, the kingdom’s gross domestic product (GDP) showed an 8.7% growth rate – the highest among G20 countries. The unemployment rate fell to 8% in 2022 from 11% in 2021. Women’s participation in the employment sector reached 34.5% last year, exceeding the set target of 22.8%. The tourism sector in the country grew by 121% in 2022. 

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