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Saudi film commission to explore AI in movie production and marketing

The Film Commission met to discuss how AI can improve the film business.

Saudi film commission to explore AI in movie production and marketing
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) stands out more when the robot talks back to you with tangible ideas. While ChatGPT can undoubtedly come up with story ideas on the fly, AI is already making a significant impact on the film industry. AI has been integrated into many aspects of the film industry to predict the success of movies, write scripts, design graphics, select the cast and even promote film projects.

The Saudi Ministry of Culture’s Film Commission is now exploring ways to use AI to advance filmmaking.

At a recent meeting, the film commission highlighted the recent advances in AI, including computer vision, deep learning, and robotics, and discussed how it could be used in movie production, marketing, and distribution.

The commission predicted that deploying AI in filmmaking will improve film quality and make the industry more competitive.

However, the issues, including a lack of human involvement and imagination, a rise in repeated scenarios, and the potential for counterfeiting, should not be disregarded, according to the commission. 

Recently, up-and-coming filmmaker Ahmed Al-Hamoud and AI researcher Ahmed Kaky of John Moores University teamed up to develop an innovative technology powered by AI to transform the cinematic frame.

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