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Saudi Ports Authority announces initiatives to reduce emissions

Port authority aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 1,046 tons by the end of the year.

Saudi Ports Authority announces initiatives to reduce emissions
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Shipping emission reduction is one of the most critical issues in the transportation industry, as the maritime sector has been seen as a laggard in decarbonizing. Now, ports, as important hubs and sources of emissions, have received much attention. 

According to reports, ports offer a vital — and overlooked — way to help decarbonize. They can help catalyze a reduction in shipping emissions. Over half of all maritime emissions come from ships while berthed in ports. 

To tackle the problem, by the end of the year, the Saudi Ports Authority announced that it is launching initiatives to enhance the operational performance of the port and reduce carbon emissions and the logistical costs for port and maritime transport sector clients.

The port authority will reduce the average movement of yard cranes per incoming container required for manual inspection by 33%. In addition, it is also working on reducing the turnover rate of trucks within the Jeddah Islamic Port by 17%. Reducing crane movements in the ports will result in a 1,046-ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

These efforts fit into the framework of the Green Ports Initiative, which aims to reduce reliance on fuel to reduce carbon footprint while cutting energy consumption by 15%.

The authority also seeks to establish collaborations between the public and private sectors to broaden the scope of activity in this area.

The port authority also aims to increase customer satisfaction, lower logistical expenses, and improve the port’s global commercial attractiveness.

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