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Sharjah Media City launches platform for AI-powered image creation

The platform will be available for government entities, companies and individuals in phases.

Sharjah Media City launches platform for AI-powered image creation
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Sharjah is delving into utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) image-creation tools – Sharjah Media City launched Create with Shams platform. It’s the first government platform to use AI technology to design and produce professional images.

At the platform’s launch, Dr. Khalid Omar Al Midfa, Chairman of Shams, expressed his enthusiasm. “Our goal is to empower government entities, companies, and individuals to produce high-quality images; the platform design emphasizes user-friendliness and efficient performance.”

“We are confident that the effort put into building the platform using the latest AI technologies will enable users to create unique images to capture the attention of the masses,” he added.

Designed to cater to the needs of government entities, companies, and the artistic and creative community, the platform aims to facilitate the creation of professional images for websites, social media accounts, and other digital channels.

As an AI-powered platform, it uses the latest computer vision techniques, machine learning algorithms, and automatic subject detection in images. It learns from user experiences and daily work through the intricate operating system.

The platform will offer users unlimited premium images at nominal rates. Using the platform would not require special skills or professional photography equipment to produce quality images.

In its first phase, the platform is available for government entities and organizations. During the second phase of the launch, the platform will also be available for companies and individuals.
The platform represents a milestone for Sharjah and the UAE’s AI strategy.

Earlier in June, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, launched the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence, which will train 1,000 government employees on generative AI.

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