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SMEs in UAE could gain over $17 billion from cloud computing

Hyperscale cloud computing has the potential to create 133,000 jobs in the UAE by 2030

SMEs in UAE could gain over $17 billion from cloud computing
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Hyperscale cloud computing is expected to provide $17.1 billion in economic benefits to SMEs and startups in the UAE between 2022 and 2030–the equivalent of 4% of the country’s 2021 GDP.

According to a report, hyperscale cloud computing can potentially create 133,000 direct and indirect employment in the UAE by 2030. 

Compared to alternative IT infrastructure models, hyperscale cloud computing is predicted to cut the country’s carbon footprint and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 78% and 2.2 million metric tonnes, respectively.

The report, titled Impact of Hyperscale Cloud on UAE SMEs and Startups, was launched during an event organized by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy at Dubai Chamber’s headquarters in cooperation with AWS.

The report stated that the benefits of hyperscale cloud computing include scalable cloud storage, pay-as-you-go services, innovative capabilities, increased security, simplified global operational processes, and the expertise to navigate operational and regulatory issues when expanding internationally.

These could raise productivity, reduce costs, increase income, generate jobs, and improve sustainability and operational resilience.

“Despite its rapid progress, the UAE continues to look to the future as it pushes ahead with strategies and initiatives to fast-track its digital transformation,” Khalid Al-Jarwan, executive director of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, said. 

Adopting a hyperscale data center will allow UAE technology partners to join a global partner network and generate revenue by servicing clients worldwide.

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