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SolarWinds to showcase IT management and security innovations at AiCloud Expo

The firm will also showcase an integrated service desk for effective communication and seamless service delivery.

SolarWinds to showcase IT management and security innovations at AiCloud Expo
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

The global market for productivity management software is expected to be worth more than $50 billion this year. Pandemic-driven digital adoption in the Middle East also increased IT spending above $171 billion in 2021. Firms integrating innovative tech into hybrid workspaces account for most of the demand for IT management software.

Following this surge in demand, SolarWinds is unveiling its new products at the AiCloud Expo in Riyadh, including solutions to reduce attack surfaces for cyber threats, security event management, identity monitoring, patching, and a secure gateway and file transfer.

Another product on display will be the firm’s ITSM solution, an integrated service desk for tech professionals. It offers tools for better communication and service delivery through effective IT asset management. The products have been developed with the requirements of small firms and the complex infrastructures of larger companies in mind.

IT services are crucial for businesses since the World Bank predicts a 46% rise in GDP per capita in 30 years if the economy is fully digitalized. According to the report, tech integration into businesses can also increase women’s participation in the labor force by 20% in three decades.

The AiCloud Expo 2022 in Riyadh is expecting 15000 visitors, with more than 150 firms showcasing their services and solutions and over 25 startups participating at the event.

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