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There’s a rising frustration among online shoppers

According to a new report, clunky website navigation, confusing auto-payments and checkout marathons top the list of grievances

There’s a rising frustration among online shoppers
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In an era of digital connectivity and convenience, younger consumers are spearheading a monumental shift in retail habits, gravitating towards the virtual aisles of online shopping platforms.

Nevertheless, challenges persist for consumers navigating this evolving retail landscape. According to a recent survey conducted by Tabby, a shopping and financial services app, 82% of shoppers encounter at least one frustration during online shopping.

Clunky website navigation, confusing auto-payments, and checkout marathons top the list of grievances. Young shoppers aged 18-29 are twice as likely to get flustered by slow websites.

Physical stores still hold a special place in shoppers’ hearts, as 78% of customers admit to “showrooming,” checking out items in-store before price-hunting online.

While 45% of buyers discover products through social media, 72% get inspiration online and head to stores with knowledge. They still appreciate the sensory experience, suggesting a seamless future where online and offline shopping blend.

Security concerns remain prevalent. A staggering 60% have abandoned purchases due to payment issues, with young shoppers especially wary of sharing their financial details.

The survey also highlights the importance of customer loyalty beyond just points and discounts. A surprising 30% of shoppers say a good shopping experience is the sole reason they return to a brand, while only 7.7% cite loyalty schemes as a motivator.

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