Fast Company Middle East’s Impact Council, a highly selective group of influential entrepreneurs, technologists, and corporate chieftains, aims to provide a platform for diverse perspectives to share insights on the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing society.

This year, Fast Company Middle East has partnered with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to establish two sub-committees – Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change & Sustainability.

The AI sub-committee will delve into the latest advancements that continue to permeate every aspect of our lives, sharing their predictions for technology and the transformational impact on businesses and work culture in the Middle East.

As AI continues to gain widespread adoption, the council members will discuss how we see the demand for more advanced and compelling systems driving innovation and development in the field.

The second sub-committee, Climate Change & Sustainability, will focus on the urgent need for environmental sustainability in reducing the impacts of climate change. The sub-committee will explore strategies for companies to positively impact the environment while maintaining profitability.

Given the persistent threat of climate change and its far-reaching consequences, the members will share expert insights on how we can foster greater adoption of sustainable practices and policies to ensure a more robust and livable future for future generations.

“Sub-committees allow us to have deep, meaningful discussions with domain experts, not only guiding the annual meet but our features. After a successful partnership with BCG on the AI sub-committee, we are pleased not only to renew it but also extend it to a new one,” said Ravi Raman, the publisher of Fast Company Middle East.

Speaking about this partnership, Simon Birkebaek, Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), said, “Businesses and organizations play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change by reducing their environmental footprint and transitioning to sustainable practices. I’m confident that the C&S subcommittee will fuel engaging discussions on the right strategies to reduce the impact of & adapt to the changing climate.”

Speaking about this partnership, Elias Baltassis, Partner and Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), said, “Leading the AI Impact Council is crucial for driving discussions and sharing knowledge on the fast-changing AI landscape. As AI now holds a prominent place alongside profitability and ESG on the CEO’s agenda, it’s clear that responsible AI is no longer a peripheral concern. Through our partnership with the AI Impact Council, we hope to share insights on how AI should be used ethically and responsibly while accelerating innovation.

The sub-committee meetings will take place in June, and the annual Impact Council meeting will be held in November.

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