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UAE chosen to lead World Bank in cloud computing

The working group unites 27 nations, international bodies, and top corporations aiming to advance global cloud computing standards

UAE chosen to lead World Bank in cloud computing
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

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In recent years, the UAE has positioned itself as a technological powerhouse, driving the region to new heights in cloud computing and innovation. The country has been assigned to lead the World Bank’s Cloud Computing Working Group, further solidifying its standing as a digital frontrunner.

Dr. Bushra AlBlooshi, a senior researcher and innovation expert at Dubai’s Electronic Security Centre (DESC), officially assumed group leadership during its November 28th meeting. This transition occurred as the group, formerly co-led by Singapore and the UK, acknowledged the growing expertise emanating from the Gulf nation.

Comprising 27 countries, international organizations, and tech giants, the working group aims to influence the future of cloud computing. Its goal is to establish best practices and set global standards, forming a critical infrastructure for smart cities and “digitalized knowledge societies,” as highlighted by Digital Dubai Director General Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori.

Globally, the World Bank assembles experts from both public and private sectors through its working groups. These diverse teams collaborate on creating “knowledge products” – encompassing playbooks, practical guides, surveys, and benchmarks – to disseminate best practices and address crucial development challenges.

Al Blooshi commented on the significance of the appointment for the UAE, stating that it “demonstrates the leading position that the country has come to occupy in the field of future technologies in general, and cloud computing in particular.”

“The UAE has succeeded in asserting its presence on the world stage as a technological innovation hub, an inspiring model for digital transformation.”

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