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UAE-funded field hospital opens prosthetic limb center in Gaza

The center will also provide physical therapy and rehabilitation, crucial for patients adapting to their new limbs

UAE-funded field hospital opens prosthetic limb center in Gaza
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

On Wednesday, the United Arab Emirates inaugurated a crucial new facility at its field hospital in Gaza, providing hope to amputees and alleviating pressure on the territory’s medical system, which has been strained by conflict.

As part of the Gallant Knight 3 humanitarian operation, the Prosthetic Limb Center was launched to offer artificial limbs to Palestinians injured in the ongoing conflict with Israel. On its inaugural day, measurements were taken for 36 patients, with the number expected to exceed 100 in the coming days.

The center’s staff will offer physical therapy and rehabilitation, vital for patients adjusting to their new limbs. Established in December, the 150-bed field hospital has treated over 3,500 patients and provides various services, including general surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, dentistry, and psychiatric care.

With backing from several UAE charitable organizations, the hospital has revealed plans to implement SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet, facilitating crucial video consultations for patients affected by communication disruptions. This initiative adds to other UAE-supported efforts aiding Gaza.

Earlier this month, a 100-bed floating hospital docked off the coast of Egypt provided additional medical assistance equipped with operating rooms, intensive care units, and dedicated staff.

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