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UAE introduces ‘Tamkeen’ initiative to tackle food security challenges

It is anticipated that the project will increase the percentage of Emiratization in technical jobs.

UAE introduces ‘Tamkeen’ initiative to tackle food security challenges
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The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) has officially launched the first phase of the “Tamkeen” initiative, aimed at nurturing the talent of UAE citizens and enhancing their contributions to improving the nation’s food security. Through this initiative, individuals will access innovative knowledge, skills, experiences, and best practices in agriculture, veterinary medicine, and related technical fields.

The project’s initial phase is expected to increase the proportion of Emiratization in technical employment by involving and educating approximately 60 Emirati graduates.

The training program, designed for specialties in agriculture, veterinary medicine, veterinary sciences, and animal production, will be conducted in three cohorts of 20 graduates each and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025. Following the program, outstanding participants will be given employment opportunities in various industrial sectors and locations throughout the UAE.

During the event, Her Excellency Mariam Almheiri, the Minister of Climate Change and Environment, highlighted the UAE leadership’s focus on recruiting young professionals to support the country’s strategic goals, which include promoting food security through domestic initiatives.

“The UAE is committed to enhancing its food security by seeking innovative solutions to address some of its key challenges, such as the scarcity of arable land and water resources. This necessitates practical methods and tools to overcome these obstacles, such as advancing modern agriculture and augmenting animal wealth for sustainable national production. The Tamkeen initiative embodies this vision by concentrating on developing participant skills in agriculture, veterinary, and other technical areas. The initiative is a nucleus for more extensive efforts to effect tangible change in our nation’s agricultural and food sectors,” HE Almheiri said.

“The UAE is a pioneer in enhancing food security on a sustainable and environmentally-friendly basis. As the country will host COP28 later this year, there will be a great opportunity to showcase and take pride in what we have accomplished in this field. Food production through agricultural activities and animal wealth development significantly impacts global climate change,” she added.

During their 6 to 9-month training period, program participants will engage in various activities that depend on their assigned work sites. These activities may include animal care, agricultural guidance, laboratory work, agricultural research, plant and animal quarantine, implementation of agricultural survey programs, observation of plant illnesses, and issuing veterinary health certificates.

Trainees will also receive education on other aspects of the ministry’s work, such as food and biological diversity, policymaking, and law. This comprehensive training approach will equip more Emiratis with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively contribute to developing various professional disciplines.

Addressing the participants, Her Excellency said, “You are on a national mission when participating in the Tamkeen initiative. We will provide you with all means of support during your training so that we witness your imminent growth into experts and pioneers in agriculture, veterinary, and other fields. God willing, we will welcome you into the national team, where you will play a vital role in strengthening our country’s food security for years to come.”

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