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UAE Space Agency highlights the role of AI in Global Aerospace Summit

The summit highlighted how an economy can take shape around space exploration in the region.

UAE Space Agency highlights the role of AI in Global Aerospace Summit
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

The expenditure in UAE’s space sector has reached almost $6 billion, including investments in 20 startups operating in the industry. There are 57 firms providing space-related services in the country, which have created 1500 jobs so far. After becoming the first Arab nation to reach Mars, the UAE has eyes on the moon and will also send a space mission to Venus.

As a major contender in the space race, the UAE Space Agency is participating in the Global Aerospace Summit 2022 in Abu Dhabi. Leaders in aviation, space, and defense sectors are attending the event being hosted by Mubadala Investment Company. The summit highlights the role of AI, robotics, data analytics, and computerization in transforming all three sectors for the future.

Speaking at the summit, the UAE Space Agency’s Director-General, Salem Al Qubaisi, said the UAE has become a global soft power in knowledge, technology, and space science. He added that a strong and sustainable space sector can “contribute to enhancing the Emirati youths’ capabilities and developing their scientific and technical knowledge and skills.”

Al Qubaisi described sharing of expertise and success in the field to foster “cooperation and joint action with international partners in the fields of space science and peaceful exploration of outer space.” He also highlighted how UAE’s achievements in the space race could enable Emirati youth to increase their technical knowledge and skills in the sector.

At the same time, the manager of space missions at the UAE Space Agency, Mohsen Al Awadi, spoke at a seminar, which discussed the growth and development of space exploration, driven by low-cost launching tech. It also focused on establishing a space exploration economy in the region in the next ten years.

Another initiative called the NextGen Leaders program at the summit is dedicated to nurturing skills among graduates and young professionals in the aviation, defense, and space sectors.

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