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UAE travel industry set to generate 23,600 new jobs in 2024

The travel and tourism sector is expected to contribute $64.3 billion to the GDP in 2024, representing 12% of the total economy.

UAE travel industry set to generate 23,600 new jobs in 2024
[Source photo: Krishna Prasad/Fast Company Middle East]

The UAE’s travel and tourism sector is set for a stellar year in 2024, showcasing a strong recovery from the pandemic and defying adversities.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the sector is forecasted to generate 23,600 new employment opportunities in 2024, propelling the total workforce to an impressive 833,000.

This remarkable growth signifies a 2.9% rise from 2023 and an outstanding 14.7% surge compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019. The WTTC report highlights the UAE’s resilience and status as a premier global tourism hotspot.

The optimistic outlook extends beyond job creation, with international visitor spending projected to surge by 9.5% to nearly $52.2 billion in 2024, highlighting the UAE’s enduring allure to global travelers. Additionally, domestic tourism is flourishing, with domestic visitor spending expected to increase by 4.3% to $15.8 billion.

This growth significantly contributes to the UAE’s national economy, with the travel and tourism sector’s share of the GDP forecasted to reach $64.3 billion in 2024, accounting for an impressive 12% of the total economy. This marks a notable 7.6% increase from 2023 and a substantial 23% surge compared to 2019.

The UAE’s tourism sector is showing no signs of slowing down, with the country steadfast in its commitment to its ambitious national tourism strategy. The goal is to elevate the sector’s GDP contribution to $122.5 billion by 2031. This ambitious plan includes attracting 40 million hotel guests and securing $27.2 billion in tourism investment over the next seven years.

The WTTC’s optimistic outlook builds on the UAE’s performance in 2023. Last year, the travel and tourism sector saw record-breaking growth, contributing $59.9 billion to the GDP and employing one in nine residents.

The sector has made a complete recovery from pandemic setbacks and has even surpassed pre-pandemic levels. Job numbers have increased by 11% compared to 2019, while domestic and international visitor spending has exceeded pre-pandemic figures.

The WTTC predicts a thriving future for UAE tourism. By 2034, the sector is projected to employ over 928,000 people and contribute more than $74.8 billion to the GDP, solidifying its role as a major driver of the UAE’s economy.

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