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UAE unveils new traffic law to regulate electric vehicles and self-driving cars

The move follows the country extending testing of self-driving cars on Dubai's roads.

UAE unveils new traffic law to regulate electric vehicles and self-driving cars
[Source photo: Krishna Prasad/Fast Company Middle East]

In cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are more ways to get around than ever. We have metro, bus, on-demand cabs, shareable bikes, and scooters. Soon, we will have flying taxis and self-driving cars. 

The UAE, embracing the future of transportation, approved a new federal traffic law on Monday to modernize the road governance systems and integrate cutting-edge technologies to shape its transportation landscape.

The legislation, announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, focuses on adapting to the rapid changes in the global transport sector, specifically the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving cars.

“The new legislation keeps pace with the expansion of the use of self-driving vehicles, EVs, and personal means of transportation,” Sheikh Mohammed stated. “It takes advantage of the technological progress that characterizes the country’s road network.”

The updated legislation aims to facilitate the broader adoption of EVs and self-driving cars, acknowledging their growing importance in sustainable urban planning. 

This move follows the extended testing of self-driving cars on Dubai’s roads.

This law also addresses various types of personal transportation, emphasizing a holistic approach to mobility and the country’s position as a leader in smart transportation solutions.

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