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UAE will be a strong supporter of humanity and its development, says UAE president

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed stressed the role educated and qualified youth play in ensuring the nation's progress in his first National Day speech

UAE will be a strong supporter of humanity and its development, says UAE president
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On his first National Day address as President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan stressed that the UAE would be a strong supporter of humanity and its development.

According to the state news agency WAM, the president said the UAE National Day is a day to reflect on the lessons learned in the past while looking to the future with hope and optimism. 

“Taking care of our citizens and opening up all avenues of development, creativity, and self-affirmation before them has been and will always remain our top priority, and we will spare no effort to achieve this goal,” said Sheikh Mohamed.

He said that the UAE would continue to be a crucial ally and supporter of human growth and development and strengthen the ability of the world to tackle climate change, food security, illnesses, epidemics, and poverty.

He also emphasized the UAE’s vision of developing science and technology. He said, “The UAE will continue its steadfast approach of construction and development, consolidating gains and raising its ambitions to make a great development leap. The UAE will continue to focus on science and technology and capitalize on opportunities in these areas to benefit current and future generations.”

While speaking about how youth show particularly strong interest in plans for the present and future of the nation, he mentioned that the role of Emirati women would be strengthened in every area over the following phase as no civilization can develop to the point at which it strives without the involvement of women.

“During the next stage, reliance on educated and qualified youth will become entrenched as they are the most important elements of national wealth and the main factor in ensuring progress towards the future. At the same time, our country will continue to attract talents and bright minds from all over the world and welcome every hand that builds and innovates to contribute to our development process,” he said. 

He also mentioned that the UAE would keep working to promote economic sectors strategically significant to its national security, with technology, food security, renewable energy, and health among the top ones. 

The UAE celebrates its 51st National Day on December 2.

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