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Visiting Dubai? Winter tourism campaign launched promoting top attractions

The campaign particularly focuses on the Hatta region – mountain scenery, archaeological sites, and other tourist attractions.

Visiting Dubai? Winter tourism campaign launched promoting top attractions
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

The UAE, particularly Dubai, is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. And things are about to get better, with plans to promote the country’s natural environment.

That’s because the Dubai Destinations, the campaign that tells the tale of Dubai’s transformation into one of the top winter travel destinations in the world, is back promoting the emirate as a winter sun destination

Run by Brand Dubai, the creative division of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), the campaign showcases a variety of things that people can do and see while taking advantage of the winter weather.

At the GDMO, Brand Dubai hosted an event for the media, influencers, and content creators to celebrate the campaign’s debut and highlight the activations and experiences it would showcase to local and international audiences.

“The Dubai Destinations campaign once again brings together government entities, industry stakeholders, the creative community, and media to offer a new window into Dubai’s exciting winter destination experiences,” said Mona Al Marri, vice chairperson and managing director of the Dubai Media Council and director-general of the GDMO.

“The campaign will weave together compelling narratives from diverse sources about what makes Dubai a truly unique place to visit and explore. Content creators of all nationalities can participate in the campaign by contributing their unique stories and creative content about Dubai’s attractiveness as a winter destination. The campaign aims to convey Dubai’s distinctive character, combining its modern spirit and cosmopolitan ethos with its rich history and heritage,” Al Marri added.

The campaign’s current season will go through February 2023, particularly focusing on the Hatta region. The campaign will extensively use the area’s beautiful mountain scenery, archaeological sites, and other tourist attractions.

The initiative highlights top-rated experiences for people of different tastes and age groups at its beaches and waterfronts, public parks and entertainment venues, world-class hotels, restaurants, and natural attractions in the Al Marmoom area and Hatta, said Shaima Al Suwaidi, director of Brand Dubai.

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