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What are the top destinations for MENA travelers? Find out

Saudi and Egypt top the list of preferred destinations 

What are the top destinations for MENA travelers? Find out
[Source photo: Pankaj Kirdatt/ Fast Company Middle East ]

If there’s one place travelers from the Middle East and North Africa region cannot get enough of, it is Egypt. The country of Pyramids has secured the top position for the ninth year in a row as the most sought-after travel destination, according to a study by online travel company Wego. 

Saudi Arabia secured second place for its many historical and religious sites and numerous events hosted by the nation, said Ross Veitch, chief executive and co-founder of Wego.

He added that Riyadh Season and Formula One had gained much popularity among travelers who flocked to the country for these events and then went for excursions in and around the country after the event. 

Rounding off the top five most coveted destinations for MENA travelers were India, UAE, and Kuwait. 

For European destinations, the UK was a favorite for MENA tourists, especially for UAE travelers, while Germany was second and Italy third. 

Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, Thailand and Qatar also made it to the top 10 list of favorite destinations, while Oman secured the 12th place. Ranking in 26th place, China’s popularity has gone down after the pandemic. 

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