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What happens if you practice without a valid healthcare license in the UAE? Pay hefty fines

UAE announces new laws for healthcare professionals and facilities.

What happens if you practice without a valid healthcare license in the UAE? Pay hefty fines
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The UAE government has announced a number of federal laws for healthcare professionals to regulate their practice in the country.

The UAE government approved several federal decrees and amendments to regulate healthcare professions, providers, and veterinary medicine. More specifically, the laws are adjusted to regulate the practice of non-doctors and pharmacists across different healthcare professions, including nursing, laboratories, medical physics, functional therapy, physiotherapy, aesthetics, anesthesia, audiology, and radiology.

Under the new laws, penalties for professionals in the healthcare field have been amended to state that those who practice the profession without obtaining a license will face a fine of no less than $13,612 and not exceeding $27,225. Similarly, any person who practices with no license but meets the conditions to obtain a license will attract a fine of no less than $2,722 and no more than $27,225 thousand. 

The law further stipulates that no person is permitted to practice as a healthcare professional unless authorized by the healthcare authority. The license also requires a bachelor’s degree or a health professional qualification recognized in the UAE.

Healthcare facilities are also subject to the amendment that introduced new penalties, including fines and a written warning, a fine no less than $272 and no more than $136,128, as well as a temporary suspension of the license for less than six months. Private healthcare facilities that violate the law face a fine between $272 and $272,257 or temporary closure of the facility altogether or partly for no longer than six months. 

As for veterinary facilities in the country, the amendments look to update the duration of expertise required to license Emirati veterinarians and recent field graduates. The new laws also allow foreign investors to establish and own veterinary facilities in the UAE to increase foreign direct investments.   

A national medical register for professionals at the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the country will be created per the amendments. Healthcare authorities will also form their registers that can be connected to the national register. 

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