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Why do Middle East firms have to pay more for Twitter verification?

Organizations in Saudi Arabia and UAE seeking verification on their accounts will be charged more than their US counterparts.

Why do Middle East firms have to pay more for Twitter verification?
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Is getting verified worth it? 

Twitter users in Saudi Arabia may think twice as the platform rolls out its prices. Organizations in the kingdom seeking the verification checkmark on their accounts will be charged an estimated 6.7% more than their counterparts in the US.

Since December, Twitter has introduced three colored verification badges that users can acquire through paid subscriptions: gold tick for business organizations, gray tick for government-affiliated and associated accounts, and blue tick for individual accounts. 

According to Twitter, the standard price for an organization is $1,000 for a monthly base subscription and an additional $50 a month for each affiliate (whether individual employees or entities in the organization). In Saudi, verification costs $1,066.67, 6.7% more than the standard price for the base monthly subscription, and an additional $53.55 for each affiliate monthly. 

For the UAE, the monthly subscription costs $1,007.49, Qatar costs $1,016.48, and Egypt costs $1,003.35 — slightly above the $1,000 standard. All other MENA countries are listed to pay the standard $1,000 monthly subscription and $50 monthly affiliate fee. 

Last year, Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion to make the platform private and monetize it. 

The blue verified badge on Twitter signifies that an account of public interest is authentic and official. Under its new rules, the blue tick will be removed from accounts not paying for it.

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