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Why Most Creative People In Business matters for the Middle East

Innovation is now synonymous with creativity. And the Middle East has embraced them both.

Why Most Creative People In Business matters for the Middle East
[Source photo: Fast Company Middle East]

Creativity is at the heart of the business, and success depends on it. The push for greater and faster growth has brought innovation in industries such as mobility, education, and many more emerging sectors. The potential for new opportunities is endless. Stepping back from the fray, a smart bunch of talented people are doing highly creative work in many fields, striving to make something special for the masses, solving complex problems and driving ideas that eventually deliver innovative services for consumers.

At Fast Company Middle East, we are drawing on the right minds, honoring creative individuals working across industries in the region, who are impacting society, and continually inspiring us.

The Most Creative People in Business list features personalities who’ve achieved great innovation that has a tangible impact within their industries and beyond.

We have identified and chosen individuals who have paved the way forward in their industries and offered value. The honorees range from business leaders leading multi-billion-dollar conglomerates to innovators creating impactful solutions to simplify our lives. 

Other winners include influencers, athletes, and filmmakers who have dared to break the status quo. We celebrate every representative of a vibrant, future-focused Middle East.   

“Recognizing these inspiring names that impact industry and society is exciting and humbling. The categories range from people who have entertained, inspired, and challenged us. And the honorees would be hosted in a gala awards ceremony as a global first, allowing us to share an unforgettable evening,” says Ravi Raman, Publisher, Fast Company Middle East.

The black-tie glittering awards ceremony will be hosted at the Armani Dubai and attended by over 200 notable guests and honorees. The awards ceremony will include performances ranging from ballet and opera to stand-up comedy by regional and global talent, followed by a gala dinner. 

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