If you are a woman looking for a job that aligns with your goals and has a work environment you can vibe with, there’s a helping hand for you.

To help increase the participation of women in the workforce by providing them access to top job opportunities that suit their skills, the UAE’s first women-only job portal, Women First Jobs, was launched. 

Founded by CEO Priyanka Sengar, the platform addresses a critical gap by offering a dedicated space for women professionals to explore career opportunities across diverse sectors, from banking and fintech to healthcare, hospitality, and IT in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

It aims to empower women professionals and contribute to gender equality in the workplace, alongside Emiratization and Saudization initiatives, and create a diverse and inclusive workforce, breaking down barriers for women in the professional environment.

It strives for equal pay, gender-balanced recruitment and promotions, and mainstreaming gender balance perspectives across the UAE’s professional landscape.

The portal tackles market challenges like the lack of a comprehensive women-talent database and the impersonal nature of traditional recruitment. It also offers valuable mentorship and training for women returning from maternity breaks or re-entering the corporate world after breaks.

The platform caters to senior-level roles and junior and middle management positions.

Now accepting applications for Fast Company Middle East’s Best Workplaces For Women 2023. Click here to register.

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