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Zoom launches a new AI feature to make hybrid collaboration even easier

Zoom Docs is the latest feature released after AI Companion.

Zoom launches a new AI feature to make hybrid collaboration even easier
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As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance and become more widely adopted across all industries, it is gradually becoming an essential tool in the workforce.

About 81% of employees feel their performance is better with AI, and about 89% say AI would improve at least half their workload. Other reasons include better decision-making and creativity, according to a report by snaplogic

Following the launch of AI Companion to help users compose chat responses and smart recordings for meetings, translate speakers in real-time, and generate and organize ideas with a visual layout, Zoom announced new AI and hybrid meeting features.

Last week, over a virtual press briefing, it introduced Zoom Docs, which allows users to find information, share assets, and align their teams without leaving Zoom. Users can drag and drop content blocks for tables, charts, and images to easily tailor these docs to their unique projects. 

“It’s a next-gen way of collaborating. It is built from the ground up with AI at its core. Zoom Docs is your go-to for fast, effective collaboration.” said Teresa Larkin, Global Lead, UCaaS Product Marketing Manager at Zoom.

“The flexibility of Zoom Docs makes it ideal for multi-purpose workspaces for projects, content repositories, and so much more,” Larkin added.

Joseph Chong, Head of Product, Solutions, and Industry Marketing at Zoom, said Docs does everything you would expect a document to do. “So you eliminate all the clumpiness of creating a doc somewhere else and trying to share it in a meeting.”

“It’s going to change how people collaborate in the hybrid work environment,” he added. 

Apart from Zoom Docs, the company is also redesigning its meetings tab by introducing new AI capabilities to make meetings more efficient and productive. The new tab will allow users to quickly see who is invited to a meeting and use advanced search capabilities. During a meeting, Zoom AI Companion can take notes, help latecomers get up to speed, and answer questions.

The company discussed updates to their newly launched generative AI assistant, AI Companion, saying they plan to develop it into a more powerful assistant with new capabilities in the coming months, including providing a summary of recent meetings, extracting action items from chat channels, and pulling in relevant customer notes. New features in Team Chat include quick scheduling, sentence completion, and smart replies. 

“We wanted to make AI accessible and affordable to our users so that everyone can benefit from the power of AI in their day-to-day workflow,” said Randy Maestre, Head of Industry Marketing.

The communication company plans to announce a global unified search functionality across the platform, allowing users to search across meeting assets, whiteboards, and third-party applications, and continue investing in the WorkVivo Employee Experience Hub to improve employee engagement.

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