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5 ways technology is revolutionizing water conservation

Embracing tech-driven water conservation solutions in the MENA region offers a ray of hope in tackling the water crisis and preserving our precious natural resource for future generations.

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In the world’s most water-scarce region, the Middle East and North Africa, prioritizing the judicious use of water is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, the current reality is that we are consuming significantly more water than what is available.

To address this challenge effectively, we must consciously reduce water usage and adopt more sustainable alternatives. Promoting water conservation and implementing innovative technologies can minimize wasteful practices and ensure a more efficient allocation of available water resources.

According to data from the World Bank, it is alarming to note that Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain have some of the world’s highest per capita water consumption rates. 

The MENA region’s water crisis is expected to intensify due to the impact of climate change, leading to an annual depletion of rainfall by approximately 20%. To combat this pressing issue and prevent further deterioration, countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia are actively adopting innovative technologies to minimize water wastage and transitioning towards smart agriculture practices.

Several apps and websites have emerged with tailored solutions for individuals seeking to contribute to water conservation efforts. These platforms offer valuable tools to monitor and manage water usage efficiently, helping users avoid unnecessary waste. 

Here are five noteworthy apps and websites that can assist in this endeavor:


The UAE’s Department of Energy has developed the “Use It Wisely” app to help users minimize water and energy consumption at home. It provides personalized advice to enhance water efficiency and reduce usage. Users can request a call-back from an “efficiency advisor” for tailored recommendations. They can also order a DIY “efficiency kit” with items for improving water and energy usage. The app allows users to request a virtual home assessment via video call for customized solutions. Overall, “Use It Wisely” empowers users to save water and energy through personalized advice, a DIY kit, and virtual assessments.

The app is available on iOS and Android


To adopt a zero-water wastage lifestyle, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your daily water consumption. Embracing technology can be instrumental in achieving this goal.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) offers a smart app and website where users can create an account and actively participate in their Smart Living initiative. This platform provides various features aimed at monitoring and managing excess water usage.

Through the DEWA app, users can track their water consumption, enabling them to identify areas of wastage and make necessary adjustments. The app also sends high-usage alerts to notify users when they exceed their daily consumption limit, helping them stay mindful of their water usage.

One valuable tool the app offers is the “Consumption Assessment Tool.” This feature allows citizens to assess their home’s water consumption and usage patterns. This tool allows users to better understand their individual water consumption habits and make informed decisions to conserve water.

The app is available on iOS and Android


Dubai, recognized as the world’s car capital with over 1.4 million vehicles, faces the dual challenge of high car ownership and water consumption for car cleaning. However, Keno, a car wash app, has emerged as a solution to tackle this issue.

With Keno, car owners can opt for a dry car-wash service at their location, eliminating the need to travel to a car wash facility. This innovative approach saves time and contributes to water conservation efforts. 

Utilizing a specialized dry-wash formula, the app significantly reduces water usage compared to traditional car wash methods. Keno claims that their process saves 130 liters of water per car wash. 

The app is available on iOS and Android


Approximately 100 liters of water can be wasted in just a 10-minute shower. To tackle this issue, the Drip Detective mobile app helps users monitor their shower time, calculate water usage, and estimate their water bills. Additionally, the app allows users to compare their water usage with others, fostering a sense of healthy competition and motivating individuals to reduce shower time or explore water-saving measures. 

The app is available on iOS.


A substantial volume of water is required daily to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. But this water is not sewage or black water. It is “gray” water from showers, bathtubs, sinks, kitchen fixtures, dishwashers, and washing machines.

In the UAE, a study found that greywater from a 14-story building can fulfill the flushing needs of a 30-story building. HiLLSBRiDGE Global Water offers a complete in-house water treatment solution. Citizens can request a free initial assessment on their website, where experts analyze water samples and provide customized solutions using ceramic nano-technology to purify wastewater for direct reuse. 

You can explore the website here.

While the MENA region faces significant challenges regarding its water crisis, there is hope for a brighter future by adopting technology and innovative solutions. By harnessing the power of science, engineering, and sustainable practices, efficient water management can be achieved, leading to conserving this precious natural resource.

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